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Get Moving: Your End of Summer Bucket List by Unpakt

End of Summer Bucket List

With just a week until Labor Day weekend, we’re all feeling the pressure to get those final summer experiences under our belts. Whether you’ve been rocking it all summer long or are just now getting to the beach, here is our Unpakt End of Summer Bucket List!

Rent a Stand-Up Paddle Board

Grab a friend or two and get a rental for an hour. Check out options for wine and paddle nights, stand-up paddle yoga classes or even group tours via SUP for added experiences.

Have a Picnic

Grab your favorite blanket, pack a basket of goodies and head outside. Whether with family or friends, don’t forget the classics–watermelon, corn on the cob, and pasta or potato salads–and a few frisbees or footballs to add to the fun.

Host a BBQ

Fire up the grill and invite the neighborhood over to say goodbye to summer. Maybe take the time to invite new neighbors to get to know the community. Keep it easy by asking guests to bring a side or a beverage and then enjoy!

Get on a Boat

Sailboats, speedboats, paddle boats–they all have summer in common. Snag an invite from a friend, rent one for personal use or even sign up for a group excursion leaving from a local port of call. You can fish, sunbathe or take in some tunes–any version of being out on the water is sure to have you basking in the final days of summer.

Bring the Inside to the Outside

Repurpose a classic indoor event, such as movie watching, into an outdoor event simply by making a few tweaks. Find a local drive-in or community outdoor showing of a great classic movie or simply create your own with a projector and hang a white sheet. Invite some friends over for a viewing under the stars for a great summer memory.

Eat All The Summer Treats

Lobster rolls, fresh corn, fried state fair treats, even dripping ice cream cones… they’re all the tastes of summer. Sure you could get them any time–but nothing says enjoy summer quite like sitting outside at a picnic table eating a lobster roll in a newspaper.

Put On Your Tourist Hat

Quick – what is the biggest tourist attraction near where you live? The Empire State building Golden Gate bridge? The Freedom Trail? Wherever you are, there is a reason tourists flock there in the summer. Spend a day taking in the sights like a tourist and get to enjoy a vacation without actually having to take a vacation.

Spend the Day Outside

Start early with a trip to the local farmers’ market. Grab some on-the-go goodies and pack your bag for outdoor adventures. Go hiking, stroll around a nearby village, or just hang out in the park. Make sure to take in a long sunset to cap the day and remind yourself that summer, while fleeting, is yours to enjoy!


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