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Be Safe in Your Apartment this Holiday Season

your apartment this holiday season

The holidays typically dictate a little extra time spent away from home. Maybe you are planning a vacation or you simply have a lot of holiday parties to squeeze in during a few short weeks. You may have even picked up more hours at work or took on a second job for the season to help offset expenses. Whatever the case is, this absence can pose a few safety concerns. Here are tips on how to be safe in your apartment this holiday season.

Renters Insurance

Many people hear the word “insurance,” and see dollar signs. If you do not have renter’s insurance you will be quite surprised at how affordable it is when you start pricing it. A burglary happens about every 16 seconds. Not to mention, if you live in an apartment, there is an increased concern of fire as people tend to burn candles, use the oven more, and leave Christmas lights on. No one wants to think about anything bad happening, but if it does, you will be happy you have insurance.

Lock Your Windows

Windows are very tempting to burglars. Do not think this doesn’t include you because you live on the second or third floor. Balconies are very easy to climb, and a thief can take everything out the front door.

Wireless Alarm System

Trying to figure out what to buy yourself for the holidays? You might want to consider a wireless window/door alarm system that can easily come with you to your next apartment.

Do Not Turn off the Heat

If you are going out of town you might think it is smart to turn the heat off to save money. However, you always want to leave your thermostat simply turned down to a cooler temperature. The last thing you want to come home to is a flooded apartment because your pipes froze and burst.

Inquire About Locks

If you have recently moved in, you may assume the apartment was given new locks but did you ask? Even if the last tenant turned in both sets of keys, they could have made a copy. If you are not 100 percent sure the locks were changed, then request your superintendent to change them. There will be a charge, but the peace-of-mind is worth it.

Do Not Advertise

If you constantly update your status on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site, you are only asking for trouble. You have no idea how many people can potentially see your posts. The world does not need to know that your home will be empty.

Light Timer

Burglars are attracted to dark homes. Now, you may think you will just leave a light on the entire time you are gone, but this is not ideal. Not only does it waste energy, but a thief targeting your home will also notice if the light never goes off. Add a timer to a lamp instead, so it looks as though someone is turning it off and on.

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