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Best Botanical Gardens in Portland, OR

The Pacific Northwest is known for its stunning landscapes and natural beauty. Mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, the area has it all, and its residents really embrace the outdoors. Those who live in Portland have the special...

Location Things To Do

Best Museums in Seattle

Seattle is known for many things – the coffee, the seafood, the music, the tech scene, the proximity to outdoor activities, and (of course) its famous moniker The Rainy City. With over 40 unique museums in the city...


Tips for Moving to a Small Town

There’s something sweetly alluring about leaving the big city to live in a small town. Visions of the barista knowing your name and your favorite coffee, spending way less time sitting in traffic, having a yard (and a dog...


Historic Restaurants and Bars in New Orleans

New Orleans has a long history of, well, history. This coastal city has been home to reputed pirates, birthed an entire musical style, and even maintained a thriving underground culture of entertainment even during Prohibition...

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2019 Trends in Smart Home Devices

These days it seems like we just need to accept that we live in a combination of Star Trek and The Jetsons. It all started in 2002 with the Roomba — a clunky little device that would roam around and vacuum your floors...