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Unpakt COVID-19 Update

Unpakt is still fully operational, however, due to the nature of the service we provide we want to update all current and future users about what precautions are being taken during the COVID-19 outbreak. Ultimately we are a...

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The Growth of Long Island City

You may have read our article on the Birth of Long Island City. Granted, it was posted 8 years ago, and as a life-time Astoria/Long Island City resident myself I felt this article was long due for an update. In the past 8 years...

How To - After Moving

Complete Guide to Unpacking Post-Move

The unpacking process after a move may seem daunting, especially after a full day of moving. Ultimately, the process of emptying those boxes and moving furniture around means you’re turning your new apartment or house into...


Where to Live in Fresno

Nestled in the center of the San Joaquin Valley and nearly equidistant from Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia national parks, Fresno, California is an enticing place to live. The city is the economic hub of an area largely...


Best Neighborhoods in Birmingham, AL

From the boroughs of New York to the pockets of personality in San Francisco, every city has its distinctive neighborhoods — and Birmingham, Alabama is full of charmers. So if you’re thinking of moving to this...