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Unique Bars and Lounges in Dallas


As far as nightlife goes, Dallas pretty much rates up there with other fast-moving cities. This is a place that is jam-packed full of unique bars and lounges, so whether you are looking to have a fun night out on a budget or you don’t mind running up your credit card in the VIP section with bottle service, you will find an abundance of establishments to suit your liking.

Your Dallas movers should be able to point you in the direction of a few, but below are a few top recommendations to get you started.

Double Wide

The name alone should tell you this place is fun! There is a real diverse crowd here, but a completely chill vibe. Hipsters mingle with bikers and everyone gets along. From the moment that you walk in, you will be entertained by the décor, from the toilet-looking seats to the big pink upside down Christmas tree. Fortunately, there is an outside patio to escape to because this little bar gets crowded. After all, it is a double wide trailer!

The Old Monk

If you appreciate a stellar selection of beer, this is where you go. It is dimly lit, and you pretty much feel like you are in an old tavern, but it is comfortable and inviting like a neighborhood bar should be. It does get really busy at times, but this is a place where you will want to become a regular!

Four Lounge

This is where you go to drink your dessert after dinner. Their creative drink menu is plastered all over the walls, and filled with everything from dessert-inspired drinks to unique champagne cocktails. Four Lounge offers an intimate setting, with some of their most popular drinks being the Velvet Cake Whoopee Pie Cocktail, Cotton Candy Martini and Strawberry Hibiscus Champagne Cocktail.

The Flying Saucer

Brats, pretzels, pickle-flavored popcorn, big screen TVs, dartboards, beer and a cool atmosphere; is there really anything else that needs to be said?

Strokers Ice House Bar and Grill

If you own a motorcycle, you will want to become acquainted with this place. You can ride your bike right up to an outside picnic table and drink outside. Beers, bikes, and bartenders in bikinis; pretty much all you need in life, right?

Bryan Street Tavern

You will find lawyers, hippies, hipsters and every other type of person all mingling in this bar for one reason: the pizza! You might find it odd that a bar is most well known for their pizza, but order yourself a pie and you will understand why. As a bonus, they even have a dog-friendly patio! As long as their owners are properly trained and do not cause problems, the dogs are welcome to enjoy this venue too.


If you ask your Dallas movers where you can go dance, they may send you to Beamers. The DJs are great, the dance floor is big and the staff is actually friendly, including the bouncers, even if they have to remind you to get your drink off the dance floor more than once. They get packed around 10 pm, but if you get there early, there is a huge happy hour buffet.

dallas barbecue

BBQ Restaurants

Dallas has plenty of awesome bars and lounges, but don’t forget about the barbecue! For more than a hundred years, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse BBQ has been serving generous portions of delicious barbecue, and the big crowds are proof that this restaurant is one of the best. If you’re looking for soul food, Sweet Georgia Brown is where you’ll want to head. The best brisket around can be had at Off the Bone Barbecue, so be sure to give it a try.


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