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Things to do the Night Before a Move

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Whew. You’re almost there! After lots of planning, packing, prepping, and anticipation, it’s nearly moving day.


Unless you’re one of those ultra-efficient, hyper-prepared, possibly more-than-human types who have it all figured out to the finest detail, you likely still have things to do. Whether that’s from procrastination or the simple reality of moving busyness, you’ll have to get things done before the movers show up.

Whether you like them or not, lists help. Read on for a few things to add to (and check off) your list to ensure you get it all done the night before a move.

Chat with Your Moving Company

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Okay, this one is more for the day before the move, but it’s still important to have it crossed off by the time night rolls around. Make sure you check in with the moving company to confirm the details.

Sure, you’ve signed a contract and made arrangements, but sometimes things can be misinterpreted. It’s best not to leave anything to chance and call the moving company to confirm timing and make sure that the things you expect them to do are ones they are showing up to take care of.

Pack the Last Little Things

Hopefully, you can skip this one. If you’ve packed everything already, you can skip right ahead. If you’re like most of us, however, you have some things that still need to make their way into boxes.

Chances are, the stuff that’s left out is the stuff that you use most often. That makes it easy to pack an essentials box, which should include everything you need for the first night (or two) and mornings in your new home. Consider your bed linens, bath towels, toiletries, pajamas, change of clothes and underwear, and simple kitchenware for coffee in the morning.

Break Down Your Furniture

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If you’ve already discussed furniture disassembly with your moving company, you may be able to cross this one off the list too. Moving companies charge extra for this step, so if you’re on a budget or want to save time on moving day, grab your screwdriver and start taking your furniture apart.

Disconnect Electronics

The same goes for electronics and appliances on moving day. If you have the right tools, disconnect your appliances for easy moving. When taking apart your electronics such as your entertainment system, do yourself a favor and take a photo, first. Label your cables and refer back to the photo when it’s time to plug them back in on the other side.

Prep Some Refreshments

Moving is tough work. Even if you have a professional moving team to help you, there’s still a lot happening on the day. You’ll want to stay hydrated and be able to fuel up with snacks along the way.

Make sure you have plenty of water, refreshments, and snacks for you and your movers. After all, they’ll be doing a lot of heavy lifting. Show them you appreciate them with cold water and some cookies.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

woman asleep on the couch with moving boxes nearby

There’s no better preparation for a big day than a good, sound sleep. Don’t let the above tasks stretch into the night and instead get them sorted early so you can get to bed at a decent hour. We know that moving can be an emotional time. While you’re still home alone, try saying your goodbyes to your space before bed. Closing a day with gratitude is a great way to feel good when your head hits the pillow.

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