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Why Hire Professional Movers?

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Planning a move? Let’s start with some words of encouragement you might need right now: you’ve got this!

Move planning is a busy and often stressful time. If you thought the tough part was behind you after your landed your dream home, you might be in for some surprises now that you need to actually get there. It may feel like the day will never come.

Here’s the bright side: the day always comes. Of course, there are easier ways to get there than others, starting with the actual, physical act of moving. Are you considering a DIY move? Or debating the virtues of hiring the pros? Read on for some key reasons why hiring professional movers is the right choice.

Save Time

Moving takes time. That’s obvious, right? Well, the amount of time it takes to move can vary widely.

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When you hire professional movers, you hire a team with experience. Your moving experts will handle everything swiftly, saving you time. They are well-versed in what it takes to get from your old home to your new one in the most efficient way possible. While you’re planning, it’s natural to underestimate the amount of time it will actually take you. Professional movers can set – and meet – a schedule you can plan around.

Save Money

Many people opt for a DIY move, assuming it will save them money. Hiring a truck at an hourly rate often seems like the least expensive option. Then, moving day comes, and you realize that the expenses really add up.

If you hire your own moving truck, you need to consider not only the hourly rate, but insurance, gas, extra hours (remember how we talked about the time it will take?), and any other little things like parking fees or damaged items. You’ll likely also need to rent extra moving equipment including dollies or blankets. Need to get a taxi to or from the rental company? That’s another moving expense.

Professional movers will give you a price upfront. You’ll know exactly what to budget for when it comes to moving, and you won’t be left digging in couch cushions to cover surprise expenses.

Save Sweat

Even if you’re a minimalist, moving still takes effort. There are better ways to “get your steps in” and register a good cardio session than moving boxes all day. Let professional movers take care of it for you, and save yourself some sweat. Trust us, there’s plenty to do without needing to handle the heavy lifting on your own.

Save Stress

There’s a reason that Project Management is a role (or team) in and of itself in major organizations. Planning, organizing, and executing a big project is a stressful task. In addition to the practical aspects, you’re also moving all of your precious belongings.

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Whether you’re moving by yourself or enlisting friends, handling your own move increases stress levels. Keeping timelines, moving things without damaging or breaking them, and navigating tight staircases are just the beginning. Of course, professional movers can take care of all of those things with ease. Save yourself the stress, and let the experts handle it for you.

Save Your Stuff

When you’re moving, things happen. That’s particularly true when you don’t have the expertise to avoid disaster.

For starters, professional movers know just what it takes to move large furniture without damage. If you’re moving alone or with the help of friends or family, it can be challenging to move things carefully. Hiring a moving team means you not only have people with expertise but with the tools and equipment necessary to handle your things with care. Hiring professional movers means saving yourself the heartache of losing things to moving mishaps.

A full-service moving company can take it one step further and even pack your things for you. They’ll bring all of the necessary packing supplies and ensure all of your items are safe for transport.

Once they’ve moved everything to your new home, they’ll safely unpack everything for you, too. Then, they’ll take all of the packing materials away with them, saving you the time and energy otherwise used to unpack.

Save Your Back

You can get a back brace, rent dollies, and have help lifting and moving. The reality is, you’re not an expert and you – and your body – are still at a higher risk of injury. Hiring professional movers will save you from injury. Why spend the first days in your new home nursing sore muscles or soaking in the tub?

man with back pain and moving boxes

Of course, we would never discourage you from a nice relaxing soak. It’s just a nicer experience if it’s by choice rather than necessity, isn’t it?

Save Your Favors

You can’t do it all yourself. Inevitably, you’ll need some help. Whether that’s help moving your book collection or getting your sectional sofa to your new place, moving isn’t a one-person job.

Chances are, you have friends and family you can pull in some favors with. It’s great to have others that can support you in a time of need. But is this really where you want to cash in all of those good deeds? Save your favors for a rainy day, and hire movers to take care of it all for you. Instead, invite your friends over for a Welcome Home living room picnic, and maybe get some help handling a little unpacking.

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