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St. Louis Movers Love in Downtown Restaurants

St. Louis Restaurants

If you are moving to Missouri’s second largest city, you may have already heard that the culinary scene here is superb. It does not matter if you like Italian, seafood, fusion or any other type of cuisine, there is a good chance that your St. Louis movers will recommend a long list of establishments for you to try. You might also be interested to know that America’s largest Ethical Culture Society is in this city, so don’t be afraid to try those hole-in-the-walls, family-owned ethnic restaurants; you might have the best meal of your life there!

Pappy’s Smokehouse

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to eat like royalty; this place is proof of that. They are known to have the absolute best ribs around, and both their pulled pork and brisket get honorable mentions. Many St. Louis movers get their protein fix at this eatery so they have the strength to move your goods. Be prepared to wait, as there is always a crowd, but when you are greeted by the aroma of Memphis-style BBQ being smoked with apple or cherry wood, there is no way you will even think about going somewhere else.


If you are craving authentic Peruvian food, you won’t be disappointed here. The vibe is classy but low-key, so you can relax and enjoy your meal. The staff is phenomenal too, which really adds to the experience. Mango offers a massive menu, so be prepared to frequent this joint a lot; you will want to try everything, and make sure you leave room for their mango sorbet for dessert, the perfect sugar burst to keep your St. Louis movers active.

Wasabi Sushi Bar

Located right in the heart of the downtown area, this place is casual and easy on the pocket book. Most people think of sushi and just know they will be spending half their paycheck, but this is a place you can actually get quality and quantity at an affordable price.


Ask your St. Louis movers and they will tell you that nearly everyone in the city knows that this is the best place to go for brunch. Rooster offers a generous selection of both sweet and savory crepes and their Caramelized Banana and Nuts French Toast will satisfy the most intense sweet tooth. This restaurant does get packed, so expect there to be a wait, and you can expect it to be a little loud.

Broadway Oyster Bar

Everything about this place is worthy of a five-star review from the food to the service to the ambiance. You will enjoy good music and you can get your hands on the best gumbo, oysters and fried alligator you will likely ever eat.

Baileys’ Range

The Smoke and Fire Burger here is considered a must-try, and prepare yourself to be more than impressed by the local beer selection. Good St. Louis movers never drink on the job, but when they are off the clock, nothing hits the spot like a cold brew. The wait is often very long, but one bite into their juicy burgers and you will forget all about it. Plus, they have homemade ice cream for dessert that is the perfect ending to a fantastic meal. Of course, you can always just indulge in beer and ice cream, like many do!

The Schlafly Tap Room

There is a very good chance that your St. Louis movers will have a lot to say about this downtown venue. They offer live music Thursday through Saturday and this is definitely one of the best placed to grab a brew in the downtown area. Not only will you find seasonal, wood-aged, bottle-conditioned, limited edition and special release beer, you will also enjoy their own year-round series made with the highest quality ingredients.

Busy enjoying these fantastic restaurants and don’t have time to find movers? We got you covered! Check out the best moving companies in St. Louis, and have them do the heavy lifting. Happy Moving!

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