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Where to Enjoy Water Activities in Stamford, Connecticut this Summer

Water Activities in Stamford

Located on Long Island Sound, Stamford is one bustling city in which you’re never too far away from a beach or a river. You can have your cake and eat it too- hanging out in bars and cafes, enjoying the trendy decor and hopping from event to event like the urban butterfly that you are, but when you need to cool off and recalibrate with some vitamin N(ature), it’s right there to be enjoyed and cherished.
If you plan on moving to Stamford, or even visiting it briefly, don’t forget the essentials– a bathing suit and a towel.

Submerse yourself in the scuba lifestyle

The underwater world is a fascinating, magical place, and what better way to explore it safely than to pick up scuba diving? Captain Saam’s Scuba School offers enjoyable and affordable diving classes in a real open water setting. You can start with a simple lesson or a tandem dive with a certified instructor- both are great ways to familiarize yourself with the big blue. Captain Saam also offers specialized courses such as night diving, rescue diving, and lifeguard training, in addition to selling and renting top notch diving gear.

Make a Splash at Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers is a sizeable fitness center where you can enjoy some of the best water activities in town year-round thanks to the indoor facilities. It has an Olympic sized swimming pool, a splash zone complete with water slides and a warm water exercise pool. If you’re into more of a challenge you can give triathlon training a try, pick up water polo and even join a competitive team.

Appreciate the Gorgeous Views

If you’re wondering what to do outdoors in Stamford without getting wet, look no further than the Merritt Parkway. Built in the 1930s at the peak of the automobile craze, the Merritt Parkway is a beautiful scenic highway connecting Stamford with New Haven. It is an hour-long winding drive through woodlands and meadows, along which you can stop at a number of beautiful locations and enjoy relaxing nature and gorgeous views. The Babcock Preserve, about 15 minutes outside of Stamford, has a 4.1-mile loop trail with breathtaking waterfalls.

Explore the Beach Parks

Stamford beaches are where you’ll find some of the best outdoor activities in the city. Cove Island Park offers two sandy beaches as well as a small salt marsh, an estuarine embayment perfect for bird watching and rocky shoreline areas for fishing enthusiasts. The park is fitted with a children’s play area, a rollerblading/cycling path and sprawling lawns for kite-flying. Cummings Park is another beautiful park where visitors can enjoy not only the beach but also such facilities as a snack bar, boardwalk and fishing pier. The park also offers sports amenities including tennis courts, handball and basketball courts, playground and four softball fields.

Appreciate Stamford’s Wild Nature

Mianus River Park is a 389-acre stretch of forest nestled between Stamford and Greenwich. It’s a green getaway perfect for hiking, biking, fishing or just lazing around with your feet in the stream and reconnecting with nature.

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