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How Using Volume Guarantees No Surprises on Moving Day

unpakt prices based on volume to ensure guaranteed pricing

Quick! How much does your dresser weigh? Exactly, please. Not sure? OK. Well, then, can you tell us how long will it take to move your bedroom across town? Yes, including in and out of the truck as well as in and out of your home. Precisely, please. Still not sure? Oh, ok then. Well then, can you tell me exactly what size your furniture is? Yes, with a tape measure. Perfect, you got it!

Confused? We get it. Moving estimates vary by a wide array of formulas. What we just laid out above is an example of three formulas attempting to be implemented. The first creates a price for your move based on weight. Which sounds terrific and precise… if you have really big scale we suppose.

The second formula is even more difficult because the variables are endless. Slow movers, bad traffic, unforeseen issues–they could all cause significant variation in your final moving costs. And the worst part about moving is worrying about fluctuating costs. Unless of course your costs don’t change. Which is why we use volume as our main factor.

Why Use Volume?

Basing moving prices on cubic feet is what allows us to control variables and create guaranteed move plans. While weight is a control, we could never reliably predict the weight of items and can’t expect moving customers to do so–so the actual price would be determined during the move rather than before. Even attempting to estimate is just unreasonable and would create too much unpredictability. By using cubic feet, a measurement everyone can handle, we can accurately predict what a given move requires and enable both the moving company and the moving customer to get a clear and confirmed move plan without any surprises.

Anyone Can Measure Furniture

Unlike trying to determine a large item’s weight or, worse, guessing how efficiently your movers will transport your move in a set number of hours, all we need to know is how much space your stuff takes up. Even easier, most items are often along the same sizes give-or-take a little so you can select a large, 5’ tall dresser and it will probably be roughly the size as your dresser. This makes coming up with a price for your move really very simple. Unlike, for example, if your move was based on weight and your 5’ tall dresser was made of solid oak with a marble top while the same sized 5’ tall dresser was constructed from lightweight MDF.

We’ll take pricing by volume and guaranteed move prices any day!

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