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The Best Restaurants in Fort Worth

Best Restaurants in Fort Worth

Dallas may get all of the attention when it comes to the culinary arts but that is nothing if not a complete injustice. Fort Worth’s sizzling food scene may be a bit of an underdog, but that only adds to its hotness- some of the city’s restaurants are real gems, even by major metropolitan standards. Many of Cowtown’s eateries are (not very surprisingly) all about steaks and burgers, while Mexican/Tex-Mex food is quite prevalent as well. In any case, Fort Worth won’t leave you hanging when it comes to quality grub. Every list of tips for a perfect move will tell you that finding an awesome meal to celebrate your arrival at your new city is a must, so here are five of the best restaurants to check out:

  1. Taco Heads

    Taco Heads is where you want to head if you’re serious about tacos, and in a place like Texas- that’s saying something. While the entire state takes the Mexican delicacy quite seriously, there’s just no competing with Taco Heads. With inventive and delicious toppings mounted onto fresh, crisp tortillas, this food stand has been gaining quite the following.

  1. Rodeo Goat

    One of the most important things to know when moving to a new city is where to find an amazing burger. Not just your run of the mill meat patty but that awesome, scrumptious burger complete with heavenly toppings and crunchy fries widely revered as the ultimate comfort food. Rodeo Goat has got you covered in that department, and if beef isn’t your thing they will gladly sub your burger for a chicken, turkey, veggie or even quinoa patty.

  1. Grace

    Grace is a high-end restaurant, beautifully and elegantly designed with beautifully elegant food to match. Chef Blaine Staniford’s sophisticated take on classic dishes emphasizes purity and simplicity, and his delicious dishes are based on the freshest, highest-quality seasonal ingredients. But don’t mistake elegant and classic with boring- creative splashes of ingenuity like espresso horseradish sauce and grits mill polenta tingle the imagination as well as the taste buds.

  1. Joe T. Garcia’s

    A Fort Worth staple since 1935, this family owned restaurant is renowned for its mouth-watering Mexican food. Grandma Jessie’s original recipes are still used to this day, and although the establishment has grown from a 16-seat floor to a collection of dining halls and patios able to accommodate over 1000 (yes, over one thousand) guests, it still maintains the homey, family atmosphere that has made it such a huge success.

  1. Del Frisco’s

    Fort Worth’s chapter of Del Frisco’s is revered by many as the county’s best steakhouse. This classy, romantic restaurant serves juicy, premium beef cut to order and grilled to perfection, but unlike other steakhouses, it doesn’t stop there. The well-rounded menu offers something for everyone, including amazing seafood choices like sweet chili glazed calamari and sesame seared tuna. Every dish on the menu is top-notch, and the service is attentive and professional, which makes Del Frisco’s the natural choice for a festive anniversary celebration or dinner with important clients.

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