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The Undisclosed Romantic Guide to New York City

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Wedding season is upon us, which means you likely have your fair share of upcoming travel, wedding registries, and celebrating to attend to. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones getting hitched this summer but wish you were, maybe it’s time to step up your romance! New York may be the city that never sleeps but that also means it is a city with an abundance of unique and interesting romantic spots. Have a look at our list of the most unique romantic date ideas in New York City.

Try a unique, chic restaurant or bar

You could spend years eating and drinking your way through New York, but there are a few particularly stunning and savory spots that shouldn’t be missed. The first? Don’t miss The Mulberry Project. Its red door is unmarked, and red barstools line a bar that you might imagine hosting the likes of The Rat Pack for an evening of talking up the ladies. Dress to impress for this one, and go in knowing your liquor of choice.

Next? Maybe try the other end of the spectrum at Peasant. With rustic Italian food all cooked in a wood-fired oven, the dark atmosphere with candle-lit tables is just asking you and your date to lean in close. Peruse the wine list and enjoy a bottle from the carefully curated selection with your dinner.

If you’re looking for something a little more quirky, re-enact the movie Serendipity by visiting the restaurant Serendipity 3. Due to the popularity of the spot, it’s best to go during off-hours if you’re hoping just to snag dessert, like the now-infamous frozen hot chocolate – or make reservations for dinner. For film lovers, this might just be one of the most romantic date ideas in New York.

Take an Evening Stroll on the High Line

This old railroad line was reclaimed and transformed into a city park, and it just happens to traverse some magical parts of the city. Take the subway to avoid the traffic, which can be thick in this area, and then enjoy a stroll hand in hand with your sweetie. With plenty of restaurants and food carts along the way, you can take your pick of an evening ice cream, a visit to Terroir wine bar for a glass of red at dusk, or if you go on a Tuesday, you can meet up with the Amateur Astronomer’s Association somewhere near the 14th Street entrance to the park (sometimes they move a bit depending on the skies). The High Line is also a prime destination for New York City walking tours if you’d prefer to go the guided route.

Go play at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar

So long as you can keep your competitive side in check, you and your love can play for hours at this quirky spot. Mini golf and arcade games will get you laughing, then later you can transition to the Karaoke room and belt out some romantic ballads. Or hits from the ’80s. Either way, you’ll want to visit the Bazaar’s Brooklyn Star restaurant for some dinner before the night is over and maybe catch a show at the performance venue. You never know — you might just woo your love with your skee ball skills.

Crawl the Walls at The Cliffs at LIC

Sweat, chalk, and inverted walls might not sound exactly romantic, but for a partner who prefers road trips over fancy cocktails, The Cliffs offer a perfect alternative to traditional date nights. So before you make plans for an epic climbing adventure to The Gunks, test your mettle and rope skills at this indoor climbing wall. For the adventurous couple, timed climbs are available — this might just become your new favorite spot for some exercise and a few good laughs in between bigger trips.

These are just 4 romantic things to do in New York — in a city this size, you’ll also do well to spend some time wandering Times Square and Central Park hand in hand with your love to see what you discover together. New to the city? No worries. Start by reading our 7 tips for newcomers to New York City, and you’ll be well on your way to navigating your date like a pro. Well, except for the conversation. We can’t really help with that part.

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