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New York City Walking Tours

New York City Walking Tour

There is so much to see in NYC that it is easy to miss the important details that make this city so unique. You can always tell tourists visiting for the first time, as they are always looking up and snapping pictures at the vast array of exciting illuminated signs. Unfortunately, they are missing a lot right in front of them. Even people like your NYC movers who may have lived here their entire life, may not know there is a historic landmark right at the end of your street, or that the USS Intrepid is over at Pier 86. Walking tours give you a rundown of the certain areas of the city. Even if you are a local who has never taken one, they are well worth it. You might even learn something new.


Freedom Comprehensive Tour

One of the most powerful, sorrowful and inspirational tours you can take is to the 911 Memorial. This tour takes you to Ground Zero where the Twin Towers once proudly stood. The tour will take you to Battery Park where you board the ferry and head over to where the Statue of Liberty is for some great pictures.


Gramercy Park and Union Square

Big Onion Walking Tours offers this popular pick that takes you from one of the most bustling parks in the city to the only private park around. You will stop at the Player’s club, Tammany Hall and the home of Theodore Roosevelt.


Christmas Holiday Walking Tour

There is no place as beautiful as NYC during the holidays. There is a 75-minute tour that gives you a lot of interesting information as you stroll by Saks Fifth Avenue, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and of course, the world’s most famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.


Shopping Tours

People come from around the world to shop in NYC. The problem is most do not know where all the hidden gems are. Visit the exclusive boutiques of Nolita and SoHo or enjoy a full day upstate at the Woodbury Common Factory Outlet. There are a ton of walking tours; look for one that comes with a discount to some of the stores you will be visiting.


Food Tours

There is no shortage of phenomenal food in NYC. This city is a melting pot of every race and culture so the diversity of the food reflects this. Indulge in the knishes and bialys of the Lower East Side and devour desserts in the Upper West Side. These tours will take you to places you would likely never find on your own.


Big Apple Tour

You will find that Gotham Tours offers some of the best around, but their 7-hour “Big Apple” tour is one of the most popular ones. It includes a long list of stops, such as Battery Park, Wall Street, African National Burial Ground, SoHo, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center and a whole lot more.



You do not have to spend a ton of money on a walking tour; many locals make a little extra money giving tours in their spare time. The tours are free, but gratuity is expected and appreciated. In addition to these, there are also organized tours that are free on certain days, such as the Orchard Street Walking Tour, Federal Reserve Bank, Brooklyn Brewery, John J. Harvey Fireboat, Battery Park Walking Tour, Grand Central Station, Central Park and Times Square Tour. In fact, ask your NYC movers, they might be able to point you in the direction of a free one by you to check out.

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