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The Best Activities to do in Knoxville this Weekend


It’s time for your first weekend in Knoxville, but you haven’t made any plans for how to keep the whole family entertained? No worries. If you’re just relocating to the city, there’s a lot for you to explore. Have a look through this list and you’re guaranteed to find something for everyone — or perhaps more than enough to keep your weekends full for a while! Some of the best activities for families in Knoxville:

  1. Free story time at Barnes and Noble

    Not only can you buy books at Barnes and Noble, but you can hear them read aloud. We’re convinced that’s even better than having to hold the book and do it yourself. Bring the kids on Saturday mornings at 11am and get ready for an adorable scene. Check the listing for the location and story time theme, just in case you and the kids are picky listeners.

  1. McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture

    Interactive museum exhibits make learning way more fun! Bring the whole family to a mock archeological dig, learn about ancient Egyptians, or perhaps stay more local and get a look into Tennessee’s history. Admission to the museum is free as part of the University and there are always rotating exhibits, so you can keep going back again and again.

  1. Home Depot Kids Workshops

    Crafty families will be happy to move to Knoxville: at this Home Depot, you can actually get your hands dirty and build stuff! The first Saturday of the month from 9am-12 noon, your children can put on their free Home Depot apron and make something. Tiny wooden helicopters? You can make them at these free workshops. And while you’re there, maybe have a look at their adult classes, too. It never hurts to have some DIY knowledge under your belt as you’re settling into your new home in Knoxville.

  1. Max Air Trampoline Park

    Do we really need to explain this one? Trampolines indoors, with lots of padding over those parts that your parents always told you were dangerous. Parents can jump too, or you can relax while your kids are supervised by the “Flight Controllers”. Open Air times are posted on the website, and yes — Max Air does do birthday parties. Celebrate your child’s first birthday after the move to Knoxville by flying through the air!

  1. The Basement Community Art Studio

    Drop into the Basement to explore your creative side. $10 gets you access to the ‘general’ supply shelves, which will provide most anything you could imagine for craft time. Bring the kids and let their imaginations run wild! Supervising adults don’t have to pay, but let’s be honest. Who can resist a little glue and glitter? The Studio also hosts formal classes if you or the kids are interested in being guided in your art experience. Teachers offer everything from “Messy Baby Class”, Parent and Child classes, or after-school classes for ages 6 and up.

  1. Ijams Nature Center

    Ijams has received awards ranging from “Best Family Activity” to “Most Extreme Adventure in Knoxville”, so if your family is looking for some nature-based adventure, head to the nature center! You can explore the Canopy Experience, hike or bike the trails, use one of the Center’s boats to go for a paddle or many other activities. Since Knoxville’s weather is fairly mild in the winter, you can take advantage of this urban wilderness year-round. There are, of course, also plenty of structured educational programs for the whole family. For families who are new to city living, this Center makes moving to Knoxville feel a little less urban.

  1. Knoxville Food Tours

    Who doesn’t love to eat their way through a new city? Get to know Knoxville with your palate and take one of the Food Tours available. Whether you prefer breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there’s an option for you to cruise through some of the city’s tastiest spots. This might not be an ideal excursion for those with young kids, but you know best what the family will enjoy. Perhaps reserve the Bearden District Tour for a night when the kids are staying at a friends’ house, and really indulge in the city’s gourmet foods and culture.

  1. The Muse Knoxville

    If you thought science museums were just for kids, think again. The Muse Knoxville has exhibits guaranteed to spark the curiosity in visitors of all ages. Try out the Make Space to play with all sorts of materials, visit the Planetarium, or interact with any number of physical obstacles of Newtonian physics in the STEM Station. It’s the perfect way to spend the day if you’re looking to get a little… geeky.

  1. Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

    If you have a sports fan in the house, take them to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame for a brush with the greats — including the world’s largest basketball, known as the Baden Ball. The Hall of Fame has courts as well as plenty of exhibits to honor the best of the sport and is only open a couple of days each week.

Best of luck when moving in Knoxville. Find the most recommended Knoxville moving companies here and enjoy all that the city has to offer you and your family!


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