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The Romantic Guide to the City of Angels

Romantic Guide to the City of Angels

Los Angeles is famous for its glitz, glamor, and traffic, but did you ever think of it as a romantic destination? You may be surprised to learn that it is, in fact, a town made for romance, with delightful caches of natural beauty, sexy nightlife and some of the world’s most delicious meals for two. If you plan to make the move to The City of Angels with your beloved, be sure to check out these romantic hotspots:


Romantic beach scene

With over 80 miles of coastline, Los Angeles is famous for its beaches. LA’s crystal blue water and soft sandy beaches are more than enough to make lovers even more starry-eyed than they were. You can watch the sunset, enjoy a beachside picnic, stroll along the shoreline and rub each other’s back with sunscreen; spice things up with surf lessons, stand-up paddle boarding or scuba-diving; go for a gondola ride or charter a sailboat- there are countless ways to enjoy LA’s beach scene.


Pastoral walks through lush greenery and lively flowers

The stunning grounds of the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanical Garden are a place where you can wander around for hours between tropical trees and waterfalls, enjoying the breathtaking beauty and tranquil atmosphere. Although it was designed to provide an educational experience, it makes for an incredibly romantic backdrop for quality couple-time.
Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens provide a similar opportunity to enjoy an outdoorsy day among the wonders of the natural world in a sprawling, lush oasis.


Rolling mountains will elevate the butterflies

After sampling the amazing beaches, you have to head up the mountains for gorgeous views and exciting activities. Glide through the winding mountain trails of Topanga State Park on horseback or mountain bike for some of the best views in the area; ride a rental motorcycle or convertible down Mulholland Drive, the beautiful scenic road which connects the LA basin with the valley; or hike through the Santa Monica Mountains along the Sullivan Canyon, if you favor your feet as a means of transportation. Either way, the stunning views will pale only in comparison to your beloved’s beauty.


Taste bud take over caters to all price ranges

Sharing a good meal is one of the most romantic things couples enjoy doing. Whether you’re into sushi, Italian or Middle-Eastern cuisine; vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous; a prince or a pauper- Los Angeles has a restaurant you and your loved one will adore. Try Firefly in Studio City, famous for its sensual décor, twinkling lights and ultra-romantic library lounge, or make a reservation at Perch, the city’s roof-top restaurant which combines a killer view with exquisite culinary offerings and live jazz.


Flamboyant and fierce nightlife

Nightlife in LA certainly has lots of funky, romantic options. If you love to dance you will find a venue where you can bust your favorite move, be it the foxtrot, swing, salsa, tango or waltz. The city also boasts an incredible number of nightclubs where you can just let yourself loose on the dance floor to the latest beats. If singing is your thing, how about karaoke? LA is full of karaoke bars and clubs where you can serenade your SO or just make a sweet fool of yourself every night. Dimples and Smog Cutter are generally renowned as the city’s top karaoke spots.



What could be more romantic than a relaxing spa day? You don’t have to wait until your anniversary to pamper yourself with special baths, massages for two and some champagne. Amy Rae Aesthetics caters to those who prefer organic and naturally based treatments, WI Spa is a longstanding Korean spa famed for its body scrub and Raven Spa is a romantic Thai spa oozing boho chic, to name but a few. You can imagine spas in the city of stars would be top notch- they just might be reason enough to move to Los Angeles, if you weren’t yet decided.

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