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New Parents Should Consider These 5 Tips When Moving to Another City

New Parents Moving

Having your first child comes with the full range of emotions: excitement! Anxiety! Awe and wonder! If you are new parents moving to another city, that experience can add another layer. Whether you’re moving to be closer to family or relocating to a more child-friendly home, consider these tips when it comes time to make the big move.

  1. Keep things consistent as much as possible

    A change in location is enough to throw a new baby into confusion, and disturbing sleep and eating schedules will make it even worse. Keep as many things consistent as possible — use the same laundry detergent and the same sheets, for example, to keep smells consistent with “home”. Continue along with the same eating and sleeping schedule too: if you are changing time zones, remember that your child will experience “jet lag” as well and transition them slowly into the new times.

  1. Hire a dependable moving company

    You have enough little details to keep organized with a new baby, so make sure you hire a professional and reputable moving company to manage the details of your move. A truly dependable moving company will make the details of the move clear and transparent, as well as offer additional services like packing/unpacking or disassembling and reassembling furniture to help make your move as easy as possible. Opting for an inclusive package for your move might be the right option, especially if you have a newborn.

  1. Choose a home that is close to social events and other child-focused resources

    Unless you’re already familiar with your new city, being close to social events, playgrounds, and other families with new children will be comforting and helpful as you begin to integrate. Join the local gym, find MeetUps for new parents or city newcomers, and sign up for “baby and me”-style classes that support your health as well as create opportunities to meet other parents. The local community center may be a good place to start since they often serve as a hub to connect people with opportunities. It’s important to find a supportive community during the early months of parenthood, so don’t be shy — introduce yourself.

  1. Get to know your neighbors before you move

    If your neighbor has an incessantly barking dog who keeps your baby from sleeping during nap time, you’ll want to be able to negotiate with them to help both parties coexist happily. The tables may also be turned — if your neighbors really dislike dogs and you move in next door with your pet, there may be instant tension. Also, take a walk through the neighborhood to see if there are other new families around. Are there young kids? How busy or loud are the streets nearby? Does the area feel safe? These questions can best be answered by visiting your possible new home.

  1. Look for the neighborhood necessities

    What sorts of things are important to you in your new neighborhood? Simple things like sidewalks for taking a stroll, access to playgrounds or recreation fields, and proximity to a child care center can make moving to a new home just that much more enjoyable. If you are moving into the center of a city, what sort of education or entertainment options are available? Proximity to museums, schools, and playgroups can be determined with a little research ahead of time. Is there easy access to public transit, or will you need a vehicle? Since you have the opportunity to curate your new lifestyle, be specific in what you’re looking for.

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