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Best Beer Gardens in Los Angeles

Beer Gardens in Los Angeles

Everyone knows that Los Angeles is jam-packed full of bars, pubs, lounges, and nightclubs (and classic LA flea markets!). However, if you are new to the area, you probably don’t even know where to begin. You don’t want to waste your time or money somewhere that has horrible service, inflated prices, or a crowd that is not to your liking. Not to mention, you probably want to soak in every bit of fresh air you can on your time off work. Well, below are the best beer gardens in Los Angeles where you can sit outside, enjoy a brew, and be surrounded by cool customers and employees.

Blue Palms Brewhouse

First of all, you can’t go here without eating their world-famous Truffle Burger. Once you satisfy your growling stomach, try one of the 24 fantastic beers on tap. Whether you are looking for a pumpkin porter, American stout, or Belgian pale ale, you will find something that will make your heart beat a little faster here. What they do not have on tap, you will find in the bottle, including selections from local breweries.

Berlin Currywurst

Beer and German sausage equal to the perfect combination. Throw in an outdoor patio and you have yourself a new favorite hangout in Hollywood. There are even three vegan sausage flavors! The servers are super attentive, and the fire pit gives the outdoor space a nice relaxed atmosphere. Be warned there are five levels of spices for your bratwurst, but most people can’t tolerate past level three. Don’t bother trying level five until you are sure you can handle the heat. Fortunately, there is plenty of good beer to cool your mouth down.


Most people don’t expect to find gourmet-style food in a place called “Biergarten,” but that is what you get here. Recommended food picks include the Peanut Butter Sliders, German Fried Rice, and Shortrib Nachos. Yes, this is a fusion restaurant, and they do it right! You will find 25 of the world’s finest beers on tap, including selections from Germany, England, Austria, and the United States.


The nice thing about the outdoor patio here is that it has a roof. So, although you are outside, you don’t have to worry about sunscreen or a passing rain cloud. They offer a great selection of beer and authentic German food. Definitely try their schnitzel, potato pancakes, and German potato salad. For an appetizer start with a homemade pretzel, and wash it down with a mug of Erdinger Weissbier, which is pretty much impossible to find anywhere else.

Red Lion Tavern

It does not matter where you live in LA, at some point, you will end up at the Red Lion Tavern. This place gets packed, especially the beer garden. You really feel like you are in Germany here. If you are hungry, try the Goulash Soup, Potato Pancakes, or Sausage Platter. The beer list is extensive, so if you are not sure what you are looking at, ask the bartender for help. Red Lion Tavern has been around more than 50 years, so they must be doing something right!

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