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The Top 6 Steps to Prepare for a Summer Move

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Summer is by far the most popular season to move to a new home. The weather is favorable, it’s easier to get nice photos of your house when the flowers are in bloom, and that cross-country road trip is far more appealing. With some simple preparations, we’ll help you ensure that your summer move is successful and as enjoyable as possible. Here’s how to get ready.

1. Book your movers in advance

With summer being the most popular moving season, the best moving companies are likely to get booked up. Decide which moving company will best suit your needs, and get on their schedule well ahead of time.

2. Have a stellar yard sale

On a weekend when the sun is shining and the neighbors are out and about, get rid of all of your extra belongings in a well-organized, appealing yard sale. Do this a few weeks before you’re scheduled to load up the moving truck since you’ll likely be left with at least a few things that need to be otherwise sold, donated, or offloaded.

3. Pack Efficiently

Make sure that everything is ready to go on moving day. That means emptying all of those forgotten drawers and packing up all but the essentials so the movers can get right to work without having to wait while you rush a bunch of last minute packing. Spreading things out over a week or more will help you, procrastinators, avoid the night-before crunch.

4. Think Twice Before You Pack the Moving Truck

Chances are you’ll be packing a few heat-sensitive items for your move. If you are moving long distance or there is a chance the truck will sit in the sun for an extended period of time, be wary of packing sensitive electronics, artwork, or things like candles that could melt. Choose to take them with you in your personal vehicle, or if you must pack them in the moving truck, keep them in the cool house and pack them last, labeling the boxes so you can easily unpack them first.

5. Stay Cool and Hydrated

It can be easy in the bustle of moving to forget to drink enough water and take breaks to cool down. Make sure to use the air conditioning (if you have one) and cool down the house before the movers come, or at least have one cool room where they can take a break if the weather is hot. Similarly, keep plenty of water available for everyone to stay hydrated. There’s nothing quite like heat stroke to put a damper on your moving day.

6. Plan for or Around Traffic

In the winter, there are weather delays. In the summer, there are vacation goers. Plan your move to avoid any weekends or popular vacation weeks, like the very end of August, to avoid getting stuck in vacation traffic. If you absolutely must move on a weekend and you live in a popular vacation area, plan ahead to avoid peak traffic times.

Aside from summer-specific things to consider, have a look at our tips for the perfect move to be sure you’re ready for moving day!

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