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The Best Fishing Locations in Melbourne and Nearby

Best Fishing Locations in Melbourne

The area of Melbourne, Florida features some of the best fishing in the Sunshine State. Whether you like salt water or fresh water fishing, from the shoreline or by boat or kayak, this area has some wonderful spots where you can cast and reel your worries away (and catch some dinner while you’re at it).

Even if you’re not a fishing fan yet, moving might just turn you into one. This is because moving is unarguably stressful- even if you hired full-service movers to take care of your move, and fishing is not only fun, it also has a calming and decompressing effect. By nature, fishing is a meditative and tranquil activity. It demands focus and creativity, allowing the mind to lay off inner conflicts and emotions like depression and anxiety. It provides an opportunity to be in nature, which in itself is very relaxing. Despite being a slow and laid back kind of sport, it still involves just enough movement and exertion to give the body a bit of a workout. Obviously, there are many ways to manage pre-move stress- fishing in the Melbourne area just happens to be a particularly enjoyable one.

So where should one travel if they want to spend a day catching fish? That depends on your fishing preferences and the kind of fish you’d like to catch. Here are a few of the best fishing spots in and around Melbourne:


  1. Lake Washington Park

    A well shaded 25-acre community river park perfect for freshwater fishing from both land and water, with easy boat access and two designated shoreline fishing areas.


  1. Melbourne Beach Historic Fishing Pier

    One of the most popular fishing piers in Melbourne, this pier extends further out than other piers, allowing access to a wider variety of fish, including the kind that inhabits the salty Indian River. Located in downtown historic Melbourne, the pier has a shaded area as well as public restrooms.


  1. Claude Edge Front Street Park

    A little-known secret of the local fishing aficionados, this park is a well shaded, well-maintained haven for shoreline or boat fishing. Boat ramps offer access to the salty water of the Intracoastal Waterway, where tarpon, snook, and redfish are in abundance. A fishing pier is also available.


  1. Kiwanis Park at Geiger Point

    A 7-acre community park offering beautiful views and shoreline fishing in the Indian River Lagoon. Picnic tables and grills make it a popular spot to eat the dinner you just scored.


  1. Six Mile Creek

    If kayak fishing is your thing, try this park, located in the Six Mile Creek Wildlife Refuge. The 4.5-acre community park features a boat ramp allowing access to the St. John’s River six miles southwest through Little Salt Lake, Salt Lake, Loughman Lake and Clark Lake. Expect some shallow water in the first pond- at the peak of the dry season, this part may even be impassable.

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