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So Your NYC Roommate Wants to Move Out Early?

NYC Roommate

When your roommate tells you that he is moving out early, you may feel a whirlwind of emotions all at one time. If the two of you get along and he always has his share of the rent on time then you may selfishly feel a little angry. How will you ever find someone to replace him? How dare he move out when it can be so challenging to find a perfect match! If he has been nothing but a headache, then you may breathe a sigh of relief that he is leaving, but you will still feel a little panicked over finding someone new and making sure he pays what he owes.


Stay Calm

Regardless what emotions you are feeling, the important thing is to stay calm. He could have just move out one day while you were at work and left you with all the bills! At least you have time to start looking for someone. So, even if you are upset, be grateful for the notice; some roommates are not so generous! Also, do not take it personal. Do not assume that his moving out has anything to do with you.


Figure Out Bills

The two if you need to sit down and figure out how much he owes. If he is giving you a 30-day notice, then obviously he will need to pay for his portion of the rent for another month. If you split the cost of bills, you will need to determine his share. Did he order a few movies last month?  Make sure you get the cable bill before you start figuring out expenses.

If he has prepaid, or is moving out mid-month, then you need to decide if you will be reimbursing him funds. In most cases, if he gives you less than a 30-day notice, he really should not expect a refund.


Deal with Utilities

If the two of you secured the place together then perhaps some of the utilities are in his name. If this is the case, these will need to be transferred to your name. Is his name on the lease? If yes, then you probably will want to let your landlord know that he is moving out and you will be continuing on with the lease. As long as the rent has been paid on time and you have been good tenants, it is very rare that a landlord will have a problem with you finishing off the lease.


Do You Want to Live Alone?

The logical thing to do is start looking for a new roommate. However, maybe this news has come at a time when you are thinking you might be ready to live alone for a while. Maybe you just got a raise or finally paid student loans and have a little extra money. Perhaps you and your significant other are getting serious and you may want them to move in. If you can afford to live alone in NYC (which is not always easy to do!), then go for it! Here are some ideas on what you can do with the extra space.


Secure a New Roommate

Do not wait until he is gone and rent is due to start interviewing potential roommates. At this point you may be desperate, so you might end up accepting someone who really is not an ideal match. You can post for a roommate on Craigslist, but quite honestly, the Big Apple offers much better online options. Check out Roomster, Rainbow Roommates, Metro Roommates, and Roommates Wanted NYC.

Make a list of what you are looking for in a roommate. You may want to consider their work schedule. Write down what you liked and disliked about your current roommate, and try to find someone who fits the description. There are a ton of people every day looking for a roommate in NYC; you just need to get through the process of finding the right one. And once you find that perfect roommate, have them check out our list of NYC movers here.

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