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Advice for Relocating to NYC

Relocating to NYC

You want to become a New Yorker, huh? So does half the population. Of course, considering there is no place like it anywhere else in the world, it is easy to see why. That being said, this is a city for anyone, but that does not mean that everyone will survive here. This city can swallow you up in a heartbeat; starting off on the right foot is crucial or you will likely find your experience go downhill very quickly. This starts with hiring the right NYC movers, and taking this valuable advice into consideration.

Have a Plan

While you can pack a bag, hit the road and grow new roots in a random small town you end up at, this does not work with New York. You don’t just get the idea to move to this city and head in its direction. Moving to NYC demands at least a small plan. You do not need to iron out every detail if you want to live on the edge, but you should still have an idea of which borough you want to live in and ideally have an apartment and a job lined up. If you don’t have a job, you need to have a good idea of where you will be looking before you choose an apartment. You don’t want to be commuting from the Bronx to the heart of Manhattan every day.

Have a Nest Egg

It often takes people very qualified and experienced in their field two months or longer to find the right job. It is crucial that you have enough money to pay for rent, bills, food, and transportation for a couple of months. Otherwise, you may take a low paying job out of desperation that leaves you no time to look for a good one that pays well. Here is where you get stuck in a rut and your experience is ruined.

This and That

  • Banking – You will find that you pay a ton of money in ATM fees in New York. Find a local bank as soon as possible to avoid wasting this money unnecessarily.
  • Ditch the Car – Having a car in NYC is not necessary, and will end up costing you a lot more than taking public transportation. Parking is ridiculously expensive and you may not even find an apartment that offers parking at all. Not to mention, traffic is terrible. Do yourself a favor, buy an unlimited monthly metro card; it will be the best money you spend.
  • Be Prepared to Walk – This has nothing to do with being in shape either. Get a backpack and be prepared to wear comfortable shoes. You can carry your good shoes. You should also have an umbrella on you at all times.
  • Learn to Identify Cabs – One of the most important things to learn is the difference between city regulated and gypsy cabs. Official cabs have a plastic medallion on the hood and a sign on the roof that will be illuminated when they are available. If the sign is turned off, they will not pick you up so don’t bother trying. Avoid gypsy cabs, they are not regulated, and can be tragically expensive.

Above all, hire the right NYC movers. Picking one randomly out of the phone book or choosing one with the lowest price is a big mistake. You need your move to go smoothly, if you want to survive this city. It can be the time of your life when you start the adventure right.

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