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Family How To - Before Moving

How to Make Family Moving Smooth and Fun

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Once upon a time, you could probably have fit your entire life into a few boxes. A couple of calls to friends with bribes of pizza and beer, and you had a team to load the truck for a DIY move. Sometimes you’d get stuck with the sofa in the stairwell or you’d struggle with that big heavy dresser to lift it onto the truck. But that just added to the stories, right?

As life goes on, moving becomes less simple. You’re shorter on time, you’ve collected more stuff, and you may even have a small person or two in tow. Relocating takes a bit more planning these days, but it can still flow smoothly.

family with moving boxes and pizza

We’ve put together a list of a few ways to make family moving smooth and fun. Spoiler alert: pizza is still an option.

1. Let the Kids Make Some Decisions

We’re not suggesting the kids will pick out new taps for the bathroom sinks or the trim color on an exterior repaint, of course.

You’re likely staring down a long to-do list and of course, it seems like the best idea to just charge through. Take a moment to look at your list and see where you can get your kids involved. Moving will feel less busy and stressful for kids if they feel like they have some input.

A great place for them to make some decisions is in the downsizing stage. Moving is a great time to sort through kids’ stuff – particularly clothes and toys – and get rid of unwanted, unneeded, or outgrown items.

Some things will go to your new home, and some things will go to a new home. Let your kids give their input. This helps them from feeling disconnected from the process and perhaps getting a bit cranky. Sweeten the pot with a little reward. How about a cookie or an episode of their favorite show every time they fill a box?

2. Decorate Your Boxes

Moving to a new home doesn’t have to be all brown cardboard boxes and practical labels. You can take a break and have a little fun along the way, too.

Not only does decorating your moving boxes give you a chance to step out of your to-do list for a moment, but it will also keep your kids happy and occupied while you carry on with practicalities. Let them do some decorating, starting with the boxes for their own room. Paints, crayons, markers, and colored tape are great and easy ways to add a personal touch.

family moving boxes with faces

Don’t forget to get into it yourself. Trust us – when schedules and planning start to take over, you’ll be grateful for a creative reprieve.

3. Plan for New Rooms

Daydreaming is our favorite tip for keeping moving fun. We don’t mean daydreaming about the day when the move is behind you. Well, not exactly.

Envisioning your new rooms is a great way to blend the practical with the creative. Make a sketch of your general floor plan and gather the family together. You can make some decisions on where to put furniture and how to arrange artwork on the walls. Let the kids choose colors for their rooms. This is a great and fun way to connect the whole family to the process of moving into a new home.

4. Create a Fun Playlist

Packing and moving in silence isn’t the most motivating or energizing. Before you start, create some playlists to carry you through. Choose some favorite songs that are high-energy for the packing and moving phase. That will keep attention and energy high when it needs to be.

family moving day dancing

We recommend something a little more calm (but still catchy) for the unpacking phase. You want to remain alert, of course, but don’t need to be bouncing off the walls! Slip in some of your kids’ favorites to sing along to.

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