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How to Move to a New Home in One Day

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Occasionally, life throws unexpected challenges our way. Even the most organized individuals can be surprised by the twists and turns. Being able to move out in one day requires careful planning and organization, however, we promise it is manageable. Here are our best tips and tricks to stay low-stress when you have to move to a new home in one day.

Don’t let clutter pile up

The less you allow clutter to pile up in your home, the easier moving day will be. Getting everything packed quickly and organized will be easier. Utilizing smart organization systems, doing a once-a-season purge, and curbing the urge to keep things “just in case” will help you maintain a decluttered space.

Make a packing list

It may seem like packing everything is the way to go, but if you’ve been intending to get rid of some things, moving is the time to do it. Getting rid of large furniture items or cleaning out old food from the pantry are two ways to make packing easier. Create a packing list of all the things you intend to pack up and bring. Keep a separate “donate” list and contact your local thrift store or charity as soon as possible to see if they offer pickup (many do). Check out our list of the best apps for moving if you prefer the tech route for organization.

Start really early and ask for help

If possible, enlist professional moving services to help. Can’t hire movers for a day? Call your closest friends and family and start before sunrise. You’ll be happy for some extra hands when it’s time to move the furniture. The moral support of having your friends by your side for the marathon move is priceless.

One room at a time

Thinking about the entire house can feel really overwhelming, but organizing your moving timeline room by room will make it easier. Start with the kitchen and go drawer by drawer, keeping yourself focused only on the task in front of you. Assign each of your helpers to a room or part of a room and leave them to tackle it.

While you pack, purge the unnecessary stuff

Keep a ‘donate’ box and a large trash bag at the ready and utilize them. It can be tempting to just throw everything into boxes, but that will make move-in day a nightmare. If you haven’t seen it or missed it in a long time, it can probably go. Do yourself a favor and send things you don’t need to a new home.

Keep your clothes on their hangers

Folding all of your clothes for transport takes a lot of time. Keep everything on its hanger and use a trash bag to tie around them, leaving the hook part of each hanger exposed. You can tie a rope along the side of your one-day trailer rental and easily transport them that way if you don’t have a hanger bar.

Use what you have available

Suitcases, duffle bags, trash bags, laundry hampers, they can all be used to pack up your goods if you don’t have cardboard boxes at the ready. If you hire moving services, they can likely provide reusable boxes. They can also sell you a pack of moving materials. You’ll want to be well on your way to all-packed-up before they arrive!

Make sure to use our new apartment checklist and our new apartment grocery list for a smooth move and easy first days in your new home.

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