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Moving Checklist 101

moving checklist

Moving can be a big project, but having a moving checklist ready before the movers show up can make things go much more smoothly. Organizing your belongings and purging things you don’t need ahead of time, will save you significantly on your moving price.

Sort and Purge

Inspect your rooms completely and decide what you want to move and those things you can do without. Sell, give away or trash items that no longer fit your lifestyle, and separate any items that need special care and additional insurance coverage. As you begin packing, be sure to mark each container with the contents and which room it belongs in.


Find the right area for your move; if you are moving long-distance, research the new city and each of its neighborhoods to find the place where you will be most comfortable living. Local moves can be a little easier, but you still want to explore all of your options ahead of time.

Use the Unpakt Box Guide to get an idea of the number of supplies you will need, and compare moving prices. Get your supplies ordered several weeks to a month in advance so that you can begin packing the belongings you don’t frequently use. Find a good place to store these containers, like a garage or spare room.

Organize Records

Make it easier on yourself by creating a binder and keep everything pertaining to your move in the same place. Put any receipts and an inventory of all the items you are moving in this binder to easily track things. Additionally, keep utility company readings and any records from schools and address change records in your moving binder.


Get dimensions of your new living space to ensure that your furniture and other belongings will fit, and make adjustments as needed. Is the new living room too small for your sectional? It may be time to sell it and buy something new.

Pack and Label

Two weeks before your moving day, you should begin packing in full force. Be careful to leave for last the things you use most often, and those things that you’ll need in the first days at your new home. Pack a suitcase with several changes of clothes and your toiletries, so that you’ll be able to find these essentials easily. Keep your valuables (like jewelry and savings bonds) in a safe, or in the suitcase that will stay with you. Label each of your boxes with the contents of each, and mark which room it will go in. This will save you lots of unpacking time, and lots of grief in the long run.

Order Pizza

Seriously, this is the perfect time to order out and empty the refrigerator. After a long day of packing, order a pizza, and relax!

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