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Moving a House – the Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Checklist

Moving a house is time-consuming and can be quite a stressful event as it consists of many tasks. From the finding of the movers to the unpacking of your furniture at your new home, there is a lot of legwork and paperwork involved during the whole process. Cleaning your house before the move is also an essential step. If you are renting your current place, then you should leave your property cleaned and tidied to avoid issues with your landlord. If you are selling your house, then cleaning and organizing is a must in order to boost your chances for a better deal. To save time, make a cleaning checklist and make a list with all the cleaning supplies needed.

From Top to Bottom…

In order to make your house shine, you should clean each spot in the house including doors and window frames. Try to deep clean all of the details you would usually skip. Leave floors spotless. Mind that different floorings require different cleaning supplies. Steam clean carpets and mop hard floors. Do not forget to wipe light fixtures thoroughly and clean up stains from walls.

A spotless kitchen

The kitchen is usually the hardest room to clean. It’s the last room that should be tidied up in your cleaning checklist. If you are moving your appliances – fridge, microwave, and stove, or dishwasher, dismantle and clean them at 3-4 days prior to your moving day, so they will be ready to transport. You can eat out or order a delivery right to your home in the mean time to cut back on extra cleaning. Moreover, do not pack perishable food when moving a house.

Clean appliances in and outside using the proper detergent, take care of oil stains. If there are appliances that you are leaving behind, make sure to leave them in an appropriate and clean condition too. Clean the floor under the fridge and the stove. Scrub sink and wipe countertops. After packing dishes and glasses, cleanse cabinets and drawers.

Scrutinize bathroom

Scrub and sanitize each inch of the bathroom. Get rid of any mildew buildup. Do the thorough cleaning a few days before the move day, so you can do just a quick clean when you leave the place. Empty and wipe drawers and leave only a small case with toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, and a towel for the last days youre living in your home.

Throw away expired medications and cosmetics. Wash cabinets and vanities. Wipe mirrors and mirror frames. Scrub sink and drains, and shine faucets. Sanitize the toilet, and clean the shower and bathtub. You might use an abrasive product for a better result. Wipe down towel racks, the toilet paper holder, and hooks. Dust all light fixtures.

Bedrooms & living room

Cleaning and moving large furniture can be hectic. Empty closets and wipe shelves. Clean wardrobe in and outside. Dust furniture and steam clean your carpet. Don’t forget to mop the floor. Clean under the bed, and wash any drapes and curtains even if you are leaving them behind.

Do not skip the outdoors and your garage

Those are usually neglected. If your garage is a mess after you pack all the items that you are taking with you, don’t leave it that way. Clean oil stains if there are any, take out the garbage. Sweep dirt and clean shelves. Mow the lawn.

If cleaning is too much for you… consider professional help

Many professional moving and storage companies offer cleaning services too. So, if you like you can ask for a price in case you’d want that additional service. Sure, you can also look for a cleaning company on your own.

Regardless of who will do the cleaning, make sure you leave your house cleaned and tidied. If you are selling the property, you might even consider doing some renovation. Even small updates can significantly increase the chances for a better deal. At the very least, fix broken stuff. You can also paint the walls. Consider consulting with a professional stager.

Author: Manuella Irwin is a relocation expert and editor at She is dedicated to providing news from the moving industry and in-depth advice on moving related issues.

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