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How to compare moving companies in 2023

compare moving companies

There are around 7,000 moving companies in the United States alone, and many of them are looking to move you. With professional moving companies, there is always a variation of experience and specializations. Some companies will be a better fit than others for your needs. So what criteria should you use when deciding which company will best fir your moving needs? We’ve laid out the key criteria you should consider. Here’s how to compare moving companies in 2023!

compare moving companies

First, determine what moving services you need.

Do you need packing services? Does your antique piano need to be carried out of your third-floor apartment? Do you require temporary storage? The first and most straightforward question to ask yourself, is whether the moving company offers the services you need. This can be an easy way to eliminate companies that aren’t a great fit and zero in on companies that are a good possibility.

Not sure what you might need? Consider:

  • Packing services
  • Transport of fragile items like antiques or artwork
  • Delivery to temporary or long-term storage
  • Disassembly/reassembly of furniture, electronics, etc.
  • Transport of large items like a hot tub or pool table
  • Delivery on a specific or guaranteed date

Check the basic facts

There are a few things you should determine before you go any further: how many years has the company been in business? Is their DOT Registration number readily visible on their website, or can you find them on the DOT Database? Lastly, do they have an address and phone number listed for their local office? By locating all of this information, you can ensure that your moving company is a legitimate business. Unfortunately, not all moving companies are honest; make sure yours is.

What kind of quote do they offer?

Companies will typically give one of three types of moving quotes:

  1. A non-binding quote means the final price of your move could change by up to 10% of the original quote.
  2. A binding, not-to-exceed quote means that the price could change. However, it is guaranteed not to exceed the given price unless you request additional services.
  3. A binding estimate is a guaranteed price based on all information gathered. Unless you require additional services or supplies, this price should stand firm.

If you can provide a pretty clear inventory and list of required services, a binding estimate will give you the peace of mind that the cost won’t suddenly change on moving day. Regardless of what type of estimate the company provides, get everything in writing. The contract should outline any additional fees or possible changes to the quote, as well as any stipulations around cancellations or weather delays. When comparing moving companies in 2023, transparency is key! Make sure you understand all of the terms and conditions.

compare moving companies

Compare moving company reviews

When comparing reviews, remember: most people only submit reviews if they are really displeased, or really happy with their service. There are lots of people who are somewhere in between that don’t follow through with a review! So take everything with a grain of salt. But keep your eyes open for trends, whether they be positive or negative. This is going to be the best information about what type of service you’re likely to receive. 

Compare moving quotes

Now that you’ve narrowed the playing field, it’s time to start comparing moving quotes! Conducting an inventory and going through the quote process with multiple moving companies can be an incredibly time-consuming process. So if you’re ready for a more efficient way to move, let Unpakt help! You can get multiple quotes, all with just one inventory. We only show you the companies that are available on the dates you requested. Doesn’t that sound easier?

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