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Exciting TEDx Events Near You and How to Find Them

TEDx Events

TED Talks have become synonymous with the most progressive, forward-thinking, edge-pushing, and inspiring talks out there. A quick search on YouTube will find thousands of recorded Talks from all across the world — most of which are now given under the umbrella of a TEDx event. 

Independently organized and curated, TEDx events take the core values of TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design) and bring a more local focus to the discussion. They are a great way to meet new people who are engaged in the community and even network if you’re looking to land a new job. With TEDx events happening regularly around the country, there’s bound to be one nearby. Here are a few upcoming events — but you can also check the official calendar to see the entire schedule of TEDx events near you.


November 2, 2019. Portland, OR

This year’s theme is an interesting one. From the TEDxMtHood website: 

“A trait that makes us all unique. A trait that connects us all. The iris. The iris informs how we see the world around us. It expands and contracts, controlling how much light our eyes receive, shaping our perspective.”

This year’s talks center on these connective traits, the moments we take to look one another in the eyes, and the populations that continue to go largely unseen.


November 2, 2019. Portland, ME

This year marks ten years of TEDx in Maine, so the event is themed appropriately. From the TEDxDirigo site: “X. It marks the spot. It blows kisses. It’s exponential, experimental…unknown. This Fall, join us for TEDxDirigo’s tenth (X) annual event as we explore the power of persistence, creativity, and community through The Power of X.” Go see what Maine’s big thinkers, creatives, activists, and advocates have to say about the Power of X.


November 6, 2019. Detroit, MI

“Positive ideas for the world from Detroit,” proclaims this TEDx. We know that this city is a hub of technology and advancement, so what do the brains of Detroit have to share with the world? Gather with your community on November 6th to find out. Whether you’ve lived in Detroit for a long time or you’re one of the Millennials moving to a new city, TEDx events are a great way to build strong networks.

TEDxCentennialPark Women

December 6, 2019. Atlanta, GA

In a city known for culture and city-wide transformation, this year’s theme is Bold & Brilliant. Bringing together women from across a diverse range of backgrounds, TEDxCPW aims to spark conversations, inspire connection, and foster community among Atlanta’s bold & brilliant women. If you want to know how to find more TEDx events focused on the perspectives of women, here’s the calendar!

TEDxSanAntonio Women

December 14, 2019. San Antonio, TX

Looking through the lens of San Antonio’s women, this event will explore issues of culture, art, politics, science, and tech. If you’re just moving to this big southern city, gathering with a powerful and active group of women can be a great way to make a big place feel a little smaller and meet some supportive new friends.


January 24, 2020. Palo Alto, CA

It’s never too early to get started, right? This TEDx event at Gunn High School features talks from the area’s youth alongside Palo Alto’s most inspiring speakers, all geared toward advancing the conversations around what it’s like to be a young person today. 2020 will be Gunn High School’s tenth TEDx conference, so mark your calendar to join the celebration.

Technology, education, and design await — get out there, learn something new, create connections, and get inspired in your new community!

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