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How to Land a Job in a New City

land a job In a new city

Landing a job in a new city can be tricky, especially if that new city is across the country and completely unfamiliar. You don’t have the same professional connections, you don’t have the inside scoop on a potential employer’s reputation, and you’re a little far away to attend any interviews that seem less than promising. It’s not impossible, though — so here are some tips on how to get a job in another city without driving yourself to exhaustion!

Looking for a job before you move

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile content, job experience, and profile photo to represent your desired career path. Make sure your profile highlights your strengths and, if possible, get recommendations written by colleagues who know you well. Then, change your address to reflect your intent to move so potential employers won’t see an address in another state and send your resume to the bottom of the stack! Having a well-organized and active profile online could help you get surprising connections, and with today’s online economy, this is one way to find a job in a new city.
  1. In your cover letter, mention your upcoming move. The company will want to know that you’re serious about your living in their city if they’re going to put in the effort to interview you, so highlight your commitment with your letter – especially if you don’t have your mailing address quite yet. If you’re a great candidate, they might even help out with the costs of moving cross country!
  1. Be selective about agreeing to interviews. If the city is more than a few hours’ drive away, you’ll be investing your time, energy, and money in the possibility of working with a company. Make sure you really feel they are worth it!
  1. If you feel uncertain about applying for jobs from a distance, consider temporary employment either through an agency or in a job that might not be your top choice — how are your bartending skills? It will mean you at least have something when you arrive, and you don’t have to stay too long if you’re unhappy. Then you’ll have a buffer while you apply for other jobs.

Looking for a new job after the move

  1. Arrive, settle in, and get social. Today’s job market is often about who you know, so a new friend could be just the link you need to find out about that position that hasn’t even been listed yet. Many job seekers are stumped around how to get a job in a new city right after moving, so you’ll probably find some kindred spirits at networking events. The new friends you make could just introduce you to the HR manager at a top company who helps you navigate the hiring process.
  1. If they offer you an interview, say yes! Since you’re now a local, interviews are a great way to practice your personal presentation, negotiation, and communication skills. And you never know: even if you don’t get that particular job, the interview might open an opportunity you didn’t even know was there.
  1. Get someone on your side. If you’re still feeling perplexed at how to get a job in a new city right after moving, a recruiter can help show you the inner workings of the local economy. They often know about job openings before they even get posted to the public, which is the perfect moment to get your foot in the door.
  1. Just recently graduated? Talk to your university about how to find student job opportunities. Many times alumni have semi-regular gatherings, and there’s no better way to make connections than bonding over memories about your alma mater.

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