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6 Creative and Simple Garden Fence Ideas

Garden fence ideas

Sure, you could use a classic lattice-style fence for your garden. A wire fence would do the job to keep the animals out, but you’re looking for something a little more creative — something with a little character. Besides, you don’t want your yard to look just like every other person on the block! Here are a few creative garden fence ideas that will spice up your yard with minimal effort.

1. Wood fencing, reimagined

Move over, basic wooden slats: installed in the ground at varying heights and with an eye-catching curve, this fence is both functional and modern garden chic. Be sure to use treated wood to ensure it doesn’t rot, and for an added bit of flair, you could use different types of wood or stains for color gradation. This keeps your fence looking natural, but allows you a little more creative edge and lets the sunlight get through.  

2. Repurpose corrugated metal

Slightly artsy and definitely stylish, corrugated metal installed with wooden framing can provide a visual barrier as well as keep the animals (and kids) out of the garden. Use it in varying heights and with the corrugated stripes in both directions for an accent that draws the eye, or cut out slats to promote airflow. Just keep in mind that this material will block out the sun, so if you are entirely fencing in your garden it may be best used on just one side as an accent.

3. Windows to let the light in

If you’re looking for cheap garden fence ideas, there’s nothing quite like a trip to the flea market or salvage yard. Whether you suspend them from a frame or actually use them to construct a solid fence barrier, windows will both keep out garden intruders and let the light in. Use different sizes and colors of frames for a fun and funky look. Suspended windows can be an artistic way to construct a “wall” for your new DIY gazebo, too. 

4. Make your existing fence more fun

Yes, fences are often for keeping your kids out of the places they shouldn’t be — but if there’s a big chalkboard for them to draw on, it suddenly becomes more fun! Use durable chalkboard paint (or just a large durable chalkboard) on one section of the fence, and you’ll be able to enjoy tending your simple garden while the kids draw. 

5. Old railway ties do the job

If you’re planning to start a small garden in your new home, you might not need a giant fence just yet. Consider finding some old railroad ties (an easier task in some places than others) and, after cutting them to desired heights, sink them into the ground around your garden’s perimeter. Since this fence won’t do much to keep out pests it isn’t an ideal vegetable garden fence idea, but it will accent a flower bed nicely.

6. Wattle fencing for the crafty DIY type

No two ways around it, woven wattle fencing is a lot of work… but the results, if done with care and attention, are stunning. If you are clearing a part of your yard and will have a lot of freshly cut sticks handy, weaving them together can be one of the most elegant and functional garden fence ideas out there. Though it bears mentioning again… this takes a lot of patience!

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