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6 Ways To Find the Best Local Service Providers Near You

Best Local Service Providers

If you’re settling in after moving and are ready to tackle all of the home improvement projects that await you in your new home, you’ll likely need some assistance. Sure, you may be able to work on easy projects on your own. When it comes to bigger tasks like putting in hardwood floors or renovating your garage, you’ll want an expert service provider who can help you.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 ways to find the best local service providers near you. So, whenever you need assistance, you know where to turn.

  1. Angie’s List

    Angie’s List offers free and paid memberships, and gives you access to hundreds of the best local service providers. What’s special about Angie’s List is that it uses a certified verification process to eliminates anonymous reviews, which means you can trust that the reviews you read are from real people who have no interest in making a service provider look good or bad.

  1. HomeAdvisor

    Over 30 million homeowners use HomeAdvisor to find the best local service providers for every household need. Whether you’re looking to paint, put in carpet, or add a sprinkler system to your lawn, you can search HomeAdvisor to find the best professional service providers located near you. What’s more, membership is free.

  1. Houzz

    If you’re interesting in remodeling your home but need some inspiration, Houzz is the website for you. When you sign up for free, just tell Houzz what you’re looking to do. Next, you’ll be presented with tons of ideas, as well as local service providers who can help you bring them to fruition.

  1. Your Local Hardware Store

    With everything going digital today, it’s not hard to forget an easy resource for finding the best local service providers near you: Your local hardware store. Because hardware stores sell many of the products necessary for renovations, plumbing, and home improvement projects, the workers there probably have the inside scoop on which local professionals offer the best services.

  1. Yelp

    Just type in your zip code and what kind of service provider you’re looking for, and you’ll get a Yellow Pages-like listing of local service providers. On Yelp you can read reviews, request a quote online, and even schedule an appointment.

  1. Word of Mouth

    Before social media, websites, and Google, there was word of mouth. Asking your friends or neighbors which local service providers they’ve used in the past is a great way to find professionals you can trust. It’s also a good way to find service providers who you can’t trust! And when you get a recommendation from someone you know in real life (as opposed to internet reviews), you may just feel more comfortable with the service provider you decide to hire.

Cross Off Tasks on Your New Apartment Checklist

You may feel overwhelmed after you move into a new apartment — there’s so much to do to make it feel like home! When you have the proper resources for finding the best local service providers to help you, you’ll be well on your way to checking off tasks on your new apartment checklist.

Moving in the Future?

If you haven’t yet moved but are planning to relocate in the future, this is a good resource for finding full service movers. After all, you’re not just moving from apartment to apartment, but from home to home. And you want to make sure that all of your precious belongings are in good hands.


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