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How to Move by Yourself to a New City

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Moving by yourself to a new city can bring a whole mix of emotions. With all of the excitement for being somewhere new, there can be some feelings of nervousness when you’re moving alone. Moving to a new place will push you out of your comfort zone, and give you some space to spread your wings.

We won’t try to convince you that it will be easy. Settling in, making new friends, and finding your niche in your new hometown will take a little effort. But with a few things in mind, you’re sure to make yourself at home in no time.

Keep in Touch

Okay, this one isn’t directly related to your new city, but it’s still an important aspect. You’ll have some time in your new city where you’re still getting settled, looking for new friends, and finding your flow. Your longtime friends will be a great support system in this time of transition. Keep in touch with them, and share the things you love about your new place. Set long-distance dates with friends and family to chat and bring this familiar connection to an unfamiliar (for now) place.

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Make Your House a Home

Unpacking doesn’t have to be daunting! Instead, look at it as the first step in your adventure. It can be tempting to put off the unpacking process, so make sure you get to it right away. Put on your favorite music and start opening those boxes! We promise, it will feel good to fold and hang all of your clothes, organize your kitchen, and put your books on shelves.

Once you’ve unpacked everything, getting a few finishing touches can be a great way to check out the neighborhood. Head out and grab a couple of potted plants and some decor for your place. Creating a familiar, cozy space to come home to will go a long way in helping you feel settled.

Get Out and Explore

The better you know your city, the more connected you’ll feel. It may be tempting to turn on Netflix and get comfortable in your new living room, and while that’s nice sometimes, don’t make it too much of a habit. Get out, even if it’s a short walk through a local park or a trip to a new cafe. 

Start with your local neighborhood and then venture further. Try taking new routes to places you’ve been before. Wander through new neighborhoods, try out different restaurants, and don’t be afraid to play tourist. Your city is only new for now, so have some fun seeing it with fresh eyes.

Don’t forget to also get familiar with your local services. Find a doctor’s office, a grocery store, and a drugstore. Finding the services you need, your new favorite places, and making a list of places you’d like to visit can be a fun scavenger hunt.

Get Involved

Once you’ve gotten familiar with the things in your city, you’ll want to start finding some people there. Getting involved is a great way to feel more connected with the place where you’re living. If you have the time in your schedule, try looking for some volunteer work. You’ll meet people in your community while also contributing to an organization that supports it.

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Check out local blogs and websites to check out upcoming events in and around the city. Join community groups or Facebook groups to connect with people with similar interests, and learn about social events happening around you. By attending events that interest you, it goes without saying that you’ll increase the odds that the people you meet will have some things in common with you.

Another great place to connect with others is in classes. Always wanted to know how to cook a 5-course meal? Thinking about taking up photography as a hobby? Your favorite armchair came with you, but could use some reupholstery? Look for night or weekend classes, workshops, or courses that you could join.

Build Relationships

When you move by yourself to a new city, there’s a lot to see, do, and explore. But it’s nice to do these things with other people. Plus, the locals will show you the places you might not stumble across.

If you’ve moved for work or school, start meeting your colleagues or classmates. Be bold: see if you can share lunch, or if they’d like to go out for a drink or dinner after work. Meeting and socializing with the people you see every day is a great way to get started at making friends.

One of the most important pieces of advice we can offer about moving by yourself to a new city is that making yourself at home can take time. Meeting new people and getting familiar won’t happen overnight. It’s best to keep an excited and open mind. Starting fresh means there are nearly endless possibilities ahead of you!

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