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Tips for Helping Your Pets Adjust to a New Home

help your pets adjust to a new home

Moving to a new home induces some anxiety in most people. However, for pets who aren’t able to mentally prepare for such a big shift, the anxiety can be overwhelming (and moving with your pet or flying with them may have already been tough enough.) Thankfully, there are many ways to make your pet feel more comfortable in their new home. Check out these tips to learn how to help your pets adjust to a new home.

Keep Their Schedule

Your pet likely knows when it can expect to eat, play, nap, and go to the bathroom. Although these things can seem arbitrary to us, your pet’s world revolves around these events. So, make sure to keep their routines intact, even if you’re hitting your stride while unpacking.

Spread Your Scent

Most pets, especially dogs, rely heavily on their sense of smell to perceive the world. Keeping the things they smell as consistent as possible throughout the move will help your dog or cat feel comfortable. One good way to do this is to spray your home with certain fragrances in the weeks leading up to the move. After that, make sure your new home holds this same scent and your pet will be feeling right at home.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Tired pets are good pets; animals with too much energy are prone to anxious behavior. For instance, your cat may start scratching the furniture or your dog may start eating your shoes. Be sure to give them ample playtime so that they not only associate their new home with fun but are too tired to behave anxiously as well.

Set up Your Pet’s Space

One of the first things you should do once all of your belongings have arrived in your new home is set up your pet’s space. Laying out their bowls, blankets, toys, and bed in one corner is a great way to help your cat or dog feel secure amongst the chaos of moving. The spot you choose doesn’t need to be their permanent space, just somewhere to hold them over until everything is more organized.

Introduce Your Pet to the House Slowly

When you first move in, limit your pet to one room in the house. This will allow them to smell every corner and eventually feel more comfortable. Additionally, introducing them slowly will keep them from getting caught up in the anxiety of unpacking. After your pet is comfortable, introduce them to the rest of the house one room at a time. Don’t be afraid to extend this process to multiple days depending on your pet’s comfort level.

Stay at Home

Your pet likely won’t understand that they are in their new home for a few days. For that reason, they’re likely to be on edge and a bit anxious. So, try your best to stay by their side so that they don’t feel alone in a foreign environment. If you have to leave for some reason, try to find someone who your pet is familiar with who can give them some company while you’re out.
With these tips in mind, your pet will be feeling right at home in no time. Soon, they’ll be just as excited to explore their new environment as you are. After they’re all settled in, you’ll be ready to help your kids adjust to their new home as well.

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