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How To - After Moving Packing & Unpacking

Unpacking after a move – Fast, Easy and Efficient

Unpacking after a move

Moving day is finally over and it has been a success. You arrive at your new place, but the environment doesn’t quite feel like home yet. There are piles of boxes that still need to be unpacked, and it is natural to feel overwhelmed. Just remember that unpacking does not have to be rushed. This is the perfect time to prioritize your energy on yourself. Although nobody wants to live in a house full of boxes, taking a few days to unpack can save you some exhaustion and allow you to enjoy your new space.

Follow the golden rule: Room by room

When full-service movers unload your boxes, make sure all of the boxes and furniture are placed where they are meant to be. That will facilitate the unpacking process, and help you with decluttering after a move. Otherwise, you will have to move boxes and furniture around the house to their place.

Start with the daily stuff

Be creative. You can survive with only a few essentials. What exactly do you need for the first couple of days?  Food, a few outfits, toiletry, mattress, a cushy pillow, and a cover.


Make your kitchen functional. Chances are that you won’t need all of your glassware immediately. Hook up the fridge and other appliances. You can unpack all utensils, glasses, and dishes and arrange cabinets in the next days.


Clean and shine the bathroom. Then unpack toiletry. You have toothpaste and a towel – refreshing showers every morning on the way. That sounds like a good no, great start of the day.


Bedrooms are tough and assembling your bed may take a lot of time. If you are a little bit of a camp enthusiast, you can enjoy a slumber party on the floor. If you have just arrived, it’s late and you are feeling exhausted, you can unpack the mattress, grab a pillow and a blanket, and enjoy a good sleep. After assembling all of the furniture in your bedroom, start arranging clothes you wear often and according to the current season. Other clothing and decoration may wait.

Living room

You can unpack your couch and the coffee table, and hook up your TV. That is enough for the first days at your new home. Maybe the TV may wait. After all, exploring and feeling your new neighborhood is really fun. Arranging shelves and other furniture can be done later.

Garage and outdoors

Those come to be arranged at last. However, you know you cannot postpone unpacking and tidying forever. Eventually, you will need that lawn mower.

Do not prolong it!

Unpacking your furniture after a move shouldn’t take months. It surely is not an overnight job, but a surrounding of boxes won’t help adjust to the new place easily.

Embrace change

Instead of trying to arrange everything the way it was at your old home, why don’t you play the interior designer? Consider new colors, refresh the place, add some of your personality to make it feel like your home.

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