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Creative Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

Believe it or not, you are not the first person to move into a small apartment and immediately panic when you realize you have zero storage space. Countless people go through this every day in New York City when they realize that the matchbox they are paying top dollar for is even smaller once they get a sofa inside. Fortunately, there are a lot of tricks you can use to make the most of your space. You do not need to try to come up with these creative ideas on your own either. This guide will be a huge help, and it might even spark an idea of your own.

Industrial Metal Shelves

The great thing about using industrial shelving, whether it is freestanding or secured to the wall, is that you can paint it and create a pretty cool environment. This can be used in nearly any room to store everything from pans to books to clothes. You can even buy Rubbermaid containers or design your own decorative boxes to use to hide and organize items.

Magazine Rack Pot Lid Holder

Do all the lids to your pots and pans tumble out of your overstuffed cupboard the second you open it? Hang a basic magazine rack on your kitchen wall. You can slide one lid in each slot, and it doubles as pretty funky art too.

Kitchen Rails

Thanks to Ikea, you can get a dirt-cheap rail system for next to nothing. The hooks can be used for hanging mugs, strainers pans, large cooking utensils, oven mitts, etc. You can also use them in the bedroom for hats, belts, hoodies, jackets, umbrellas, purses, or anything else you can’t find a spot for.

Rolling Cart

If you have an awkward space between your stove and counter or toilet and vanity, make the most of it with a shelved rolling cart. They are available in a variety of widths. In the kitchen, store saran wrap, aluminum foil, garbage bags, boxes of tea, etc. In the bathroom, this is perfect for hair accessories, beauty products, and towels.

Coffee Mugs

If you are like many you probably have a ton of coffee mugs you do not use. Put these to use either on shelves or in cabinets. They can hold a variety of items. If you have taller hard plastic cups this is even better! You can typically pick up stacks for four at the $1 store in a ton of colors and patterns. Use them for cooking utensils, scissors, pens and pencils, brushes and combs, hair accessories, etc.

Ottoman or Bench

It may seem counterproductive to introduce an extra piece of furniture to your tiny space, but if it can double as storage it is more than welcome. This is the perfect place for throw blankets, games, movies, books, and remote controls.

Bed Lifts

Before you purchase that trendy platform, make sure it has drawers all the way around that can be put to good use. If you have a traditional bed, purchase under bed storage containers and make good use of this valuable real estate. For even more storage space, buy lifts, also called risers.

Decorative Cloth Bags

These should be found on the back of your bathroom and bedroom doors. They can hold everything that would otherwise create clutter from flip-flops to scarves and mittens to balls of socks. Use an over-the-door towel rack with several hooks so you can hang a few bags. Make use of the doorknobs too!

Baskets and Boxes

Fabric boxes and rustic baskets look great in any environment and can hold a wide variety of items. They can even double as veggies and fruit holders on the counter or a nifty place to store your canned goods or snacks.

More Shelves

If you have wall space available you are doing something wrong. Get creative with your shelving. Play with different widths, scatter them randomly on each wall, or create ladders. Pile them high with books and movies, or place your handy decorative boxes and baskets on them.

Make sure to maximize your small closet space.

Use the Oven

If you never cook in your oven you might as well put it to good use. You can fit all your pots and pans, muffin tins, and the wok you can’t part with inside. On the rare occasion that you decide you want to bake something, just move everything to the floor or table temporarily.

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