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How to Stay Happy and Sane During a Move

happy when moving

Have you ever gotten halfway through a big adventure only to realize… you’ve forgotten to enjoy any of it?

Moving to a new home is a big adventure, and hopefully you’re excited about all that it will bring. Even so, it can be stressful – so we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to keep morale high and smiles on everyone’s faces. Here’s how to stay happy when moving – or, really, any other time!

Put on a happy tune or two

There are few bad moods that can withstand a good, danceable playlist. Be proactive and make yourself a “Moving Day” soundtrack that has all of your favorites: songs to keep you motivated and positive, with a few dance break tracks built in. You know the ones.

Dress up

Who says you have to wear your “work jeans” for moving day? Don a funny hat, wear a tutu, or pull out any other funny costumes that might be kicking around to give your wardrobe a little flair. You’ll probably get a smile out of your movers, too. Tip: dressing up special for the day is also a great way to keep kids happy during a move. Then they too can feel the excitement and importance of the otherwise-overwhelming transition.

Take a time out and get grateful

Yes, there’s a lot on your plate – but isn’t it great to be moving into a new home? Take a few minutes with your roommate, your family, even your kids, and talk about what you’re grateful for with your new home. Taking time to focus on what you appreciate, rather than the challenges at hand, can shed a great light on the day!

Get some sun

A little vitamin D is good for everyone. You may be trekking back and forth to a moving truck, but take the time to pause, take a deep breath, and absorb a few rays. Once an hour is what we heard the doctor ordered.

Grab someone and hug it out

And if you’re moving with your sweetie, maybe steal a smooch too. Touch and affection release feel-good chemicals in the body, sure – but they also help the ones we love to remember how much we care about them even in the midst of chaos.

Don’t forget to eat. Regularly

When push comes to shove on moving day, it’s easy for regular healthy meals to get shoved by the wayside.

Don’t let them. There’s nothing that guarantees a crabby mood more reliably than a blood sugar crash. Eat breakfast (yes, really) and keep a supply of healthy snacks on hand. Everyone will be happier.

Laugh out loud

Tell a good (or bad) joke, sneak a little tickle attack, or just start laughing. Laughter is not only contagious, but it instantly changes the mood and is a great way to decompress the stress of moving. Try it for yourself – kids are especially great at this one!

Watch this little girl’s pep talk

If you need a reminder from a curly-haired kiddo about just how great life is, this little girl has your back. You might want to bookmark this.
Once you’re in the car and on the move, try these car games to keep everyone entertained and positive for the trip. Happy moving!

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