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Best Security Systems & Alarms For Your Home

Security Systems & Alarms For Your Home

When you’re moving into a new neighborhood, a new city, a new home, you want to take steps to make sure you feel safe. Installing a home security system is one way to feel confident that your house and its inhabitants are safe, so we conducted a little home security system review to give you the scoop on which systems are the best. Here are the top five on our list. Take a look.

ADT Home Alarm and Security Systems

You’ve probably seen the ADT label on a number of homes, and that’s because it’s one of the most trusted companies on the market. With a team of ADT professionals monitoring the sensors on your windows and doors, you can feel safe knowing that the police will be alerted as soon as there is any suspicious activity. Recent advancements mean you can arm or disarm your system from your phone, install cameras to watch doorways or the garage and get alerts when there is unexpected activity, or with add-on programs, let the plumber in while you’re at the office with remote app access. There are plenty of reasons why ADT is considered one of the best home security systems on the market.

Vivint Smart Home

Smart, connected homes aren’t the way of the future- they are now. Vivint combines a number of different technologies including smart locks, camera systems, an element thermostat, garage door opener, and optional 24/7 system monitoring to create the wireless home security system you need. Choose the elements you need to feel safe while settling into your new community, leave the ones that you don’t need. Vivint can personalize your package just the way you need it.


This 100% wireless system is nearly impossible for intruders to disable. Their “Crash & Smash” system means your security program keeps working, even if they destroy the control panel – so FrontPoint’s security professionals will still get the information they need to deal with the alert. Choose to add flood or smoke sensors, recessed door, and window sensors, even order a keychain that can arm, disarm, turn on the lights, or send a panic signal to the dispatch. Their system can be designed to suit a small space too, so if you’re concerned about your apartment safety, FrontPoint has options for you.


Create a “ring of security” around your home with cameras covering every angle. This wireless home security system is run through an app on your phone, giving you access to footage of your home at any time and from anywhere. Choose to receive alerts when there is activity at your front door, and if the camera shows an unknown guest, turn on the floodlight and use the built-in two-way speaker to tell them they’ve been spotted. This is one of the most easily installed DIY home security alarms out there!

Abode Home Security

Sleek and extremely versatile, the Abode Home Security base package is compatible with your electronic locks, garage door opener, wireless thermostat, or other Nest-based functions. Program the system to lock the doors when you leave, sound a doorbell chime when the door is opened, and sound a loud siren if the system is armed and an intruder enters. With so many different ways to personalize and program the Adobe system, you can make it suit your needs exactly. Worried about false alarms? Get visual alerts sent to your phone so you can confirm if it was just the dog or if the police should be notified.

Give yourself the peace of mind you want when moving into a new area. Choose one of the best home alarm systems and you’ll rest easy knowing that someone else is watching over your safety.

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