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Top Washington, DC Steakhouses


If you are craving a steak cooked to perfection, then you will find plenty of steakhouses here that will give your taste buds something to get excited about. Chances are pretty good that your DC movers will be able to recommend a few establishments, but you will definitely want to also try the places listed below as well!

Charlie Palmer Steak

Located right downtown and offering views of the Capitol Building, Charlie Palmer Steak is well worth any wait that you may face at the door. Although they are well-known for their steaks, patrons also give rave reviews to the calamari, gnocchi and Yukon gold whipped potatoes. Service can be slow because they are always busy, and prices are high but definitely worth splurging at once in a while.

Ray’s the Steaks

This venue offers a cozy and inviting feel where you will not look around and feel out of place if you don’t make a six-figure salary. The ambiance is nice, seating is comfortable and prices are affordable. Plus the service staff is known for being friendly and attentive. Ray’s the Steaks is a family-friendly place that welcomes kids with plenty of options for them on the menu as well.

The Palm

Do not be surprised if you look at the table next to you and see Redskins players or politicians, as all the movers and shakers of the D.C. area tend to frequent The Palm. The servers are very knowledgeable when it comes to picking the perfect wine to complement your meal, and the establishment is also well-known for dessert. Leave room for the best cupcakes you will ever taste, especially the red velvet!

Bourbon Steak

Do the words “Pulled Pork Cupcake” grab your attention? How about “Lobster Pot Pie?” Although a steakhouse, this venue has anything but a typical or predictable menu. They even have a variety of ketchup to try with your duck fries. If you enjoy premium beer, you will want to order a glass of the Bourgogne de Flanders Brown Ale, which is aged in oak casks for six months.

BLT Steak

If you tell your DC movers that you are looking for a nice place to go to celebrate a birthday, promotion, anniversary, etc., they may point you in the direction of BLT Steak. Every detail is perfection from their impressive wine collection to their amazing bread to their Fried Cream Filled Cakes. Yes, you read that right; imagine Oreo cookies deep-fried! Of course, it is their steaks that attract all the attention as they are cooked in a 1,700-degree fancy oven and charred on the outside to perfection.

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