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The Best Crossfit Gyms In Washington, DC

Best CrossFit Gyms

When moving to a new city means leaving your CrossFit community behind, the heart pangs can be intense. Where are you going to get your WOD (Workout of the Day) in your new area? We’ve got you covered on finding a new gym or group fitness class. Luckily Washington, DC, is home to CrossFit Headquarters and a whole host of “boxes”- what CrossFit devotees call gyms – to give you all the squats and burpees your heart desires. Whether you’re looking for serious coaching, a fun, tight-knit community, or top-of-the-line equipment, CrossFit gyms in DC will keep you fit.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is… a little bit of everything. Cardio, weight training, functional movement, the name of the game is to vary the workouts every day to keep the body guessing. Luckily, coaches help to modify the WODs for athletes of every age and ability.

Ready to get moving? Here are the best CrossFit gyms in Washington, DC.

Humble Beast Crossfit

Dupont Circle. Schedule

“Train Hard, Stay Humble.” With a motto like this, you know Humble Beast is a community of athletes that support one another — and who knows how to get to work. Located in Dupont Circle, Humble Beast offers a “Humble Beginnings” class on Saturdays for a $25 drop-in fee. There you can get to know the coaches and dive into the nitty-gritty of CrossFit form and function to kickstart your love of this humble community.

CrossFit DC

Cardozo. Schedule

Home to killer WODs, incredibly encouraging coaches, and a Head Coach and Co-Owner who trained under the CrossFit founder Greg Glassman, the quality of workout you’ll get at CrossFit DC will make every muscle quiver. With two locations – one right near the downtown Metro Center station and one on H Street NE – your next sweat-fest is always within reach. New to CrossFit? Take a free intro class, or join a two-week program focused on the CrossFit fundamentals.

Primal Fitness DC

Washington City. Schedule

Tucked into an old firehouse, the folks at Primal are all about movement in every form. Here you can take both CrossFit and – wait for it – Parkour classes. The kind where you run around and jump on things. If you’re a total CrossFit newbie, join the Primal Onramp program for a two week series of four 60-minute instructor-led sessions, limited to 5 people each for a personal touch.

Old City CrossFit

H Street. Schedule

The family that gets fit together… At Old City, fitness isn’t just for hardcore weightlifters and athletes. Affiliated with Old City Swim Club, they also offer swimWODs, kid’s swim classes, and gymnastics for the little ones. Schedule your kiddos for a class while you get your WOD time and you’ll both sleep well. No Foundations class required at Old City, but there is a free intro session with a coach to help you get a feel for space before class.

Second Wind CrossFit

Northwest/16th Street Heights. Schedule

Second Wind is owned by Steve and Michelle, but they say that it’s the members who really make it a great place to work out. With programs like Barbell Bettys (women-only workouts), Second Wind Legends (for ages 50-80), and a Boot Camp class on Saturdays that claims to be akin to sixth-grade gym class but harder, everyone can find a workout that suits their needs. And since nothing creates friendships like shared suffering, Second Wind is known to host other light-hearted social events that require zero squats. The required 1-1 Foundations program for newbies is $249.

Prefer to work out at home? Use our guide to set up a home gym instead. Now that you know where to CrossFit in the DC Area, get out there and set your new personal record. New city, new fitness goals, right?  

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