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Top 7 Attractions in Fargo, ND

Attractions in Fargo

It’s true, Fargo may not be the hippest, most cosmopolitan city, but don’t be confused by its remote location and sleepy reputation. There is no shortage of what to do in Fargo and a lot of fun to be had there- check out this list of awesome activities you mustn’t miss when you visit Fargo.

  1. Fargo Air Museum

    With an impressive collection of aviation artifacts ranging from a Wright Brothers’ flyer to the Global Hawk unmanned surveillance aircraft, Fargo Air Museum is a must-see for any aviation enthusiast and history buff. The museum sets out to promote aviation through education, restoration, and preservation and offers guided tours with veteran pilots and youth camps. You can also fly solo and wander its two massive hangars, exploring the fascinating collection with or without an audio guide.

  1. Red River Zoo

    The Red River Zoo may be small, but it makes up for its size with a fascinating display of rare and endangered animals. With a collection of approximately 300 animals of 75 different species, including the Bactrian camel, Sichuan Takin, and Red Panda- the latter of which exists only scarcely in captivity. The size of the zoo’s collection is due to the North Dakota weather, which limits the zoo to species that can adapt to its colder climate.

  1. Hit Downtown

    If you plan to move to Fargo you’ll be glad to hear Downtown has a hip urban vibe and some great shopping and dining options. Let your feet take you south of Main Street and you will find the historic 8th street, with its cute vintage shops, fashion boutiques and trendy cafes. Main Street and Broadway also have an array of shops where you can find anything from stylish jewelry to original home décor. For a conscientious lunch visit Green House Café – Fargo’s first vegan eatery, or grab a bite at one of the city’s favorite locally owned restaurants like Wurst Bier Hall, Vinyl Taco, BernBaum’s, and Monte’s Downtown.

Fargo Theater

  1. Fargo Theatre

    This art-house theatre was originally built in 1926 as a cinema and vaudeville theatre. It was beautifully restored in 1999 and now features independent and foreign films and hosts art events, live concerts and silent movie nights accompanied by an organist playing a vintage Wurlitzer organ. In 2009 it was placed on the National Register of Historical Places.

  1. River Keepers

    The Red River which runs through Fargo provides endless opportunities to wind down from the bustle of the city and reconnect with nature. With two major floods occurring over the past two decades, some have come to fear the river rather than revere it, which is where River Keepers come into the picture. It is an organization dedicated to advocating awareness and appreciation of the Red River, offering kayak and canoe rentals and guided tours which provide a chance to explore the mighty river and discover its natural charms. These thrilling tours are some of the best outdoor activities in Fargo, and only cost $8 per person!

  1. Lindenwood Park

    As said, spending time by the river is one of the best things to do outdoors in Fargo. But you don’t have to get wet to have some riverside fun. Lindenwood Park is a beautiful, sprawling park on the banks of the Red River with ski trails, softball and baseball fields, hiking trails and kids’ playgrounds, to name but a few of the amenities. You can also rent a bike or a kayak to explore the beautiful grounds.

  1. Plains Art Museum

    The Plains Art Museum, which is located in a renovated turn-of-the-century International Harvester warehouse in downtown Fargo, showcases an extensive collection of national and regional works of art, traditional Native American art and folk art. The museum’s mission goes beyond the display of artworks, fostering creativity and bringing the gospel of art to the community with classes for all ages, studio spaces and workshops. The Plains Art Museum is one of only two museums in North Dakota to be accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.

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