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The 4 Seasons in Fargo, ND

4 Seasons in Fargo

The four seasons are a beautiful reminder that we live on a planet of natural wonder and harmony, but the changing of the seasons isn’t fully experienced everywhere. One place where you can’t miss it is Fargo, North Dakota- summer is warm and sunny, autumn sees nature recoil into stillness, winter is white and cold and in spring nature begins to pulsate again with life and exuberance. It’s a perfect circle, and each season has its place, role, and unique beauty. Here is what to expect from the weather when you’re moving to Fargo, ND.


Fall is a beautiful time of year in Fargo. The leaves change color, the air becomes crisp, and temperatures begin to gradually drop in the nighttime while the days remain temperate with an average of 66° Fahrenheit. The best way to prepare for fall weather in Fargo is to dress in layers and bring both light, short garments, and long, warmer ones. It’s a beautiful time for carriage rides, hayrides, picking out pumpkins and squashes and celebrating the fact that the snow is still at bay. There are numerous farms in the Fargo area which offer these autumnal activities, usually along with a corn maze, a petting zoo, and some homemade apple cider. Take your family on a day trip to Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch, Rusty K Ranch or Probstfield Farm for some festive fall fun.


Brace yourselves- it’s going to get cold. Very cold. In the winter Fargo is covered by a blanket of snow and temperatures drop to an average of 24° Fahrenheit during the day, and below zero most nights. It may not be the best time of visit if you’re averse to the cold, but actually, some of the best outdoor activities in Fargo can only be enjoyed in the wintertime- think snowmobiling in wide open plains, snowshoeing, ice skating and hockey. One of the coolest (no pun intended) places to see in Fargo during winter is actually the North Pole, or Santa Village, where the whole family can enjoy making cookies with Mrs. Claus, watch a model train display and give old Nick a big old holiday hug.

If you’re planning a visit to Fargo in December, January or February don’t forget to bring some serious winter gear, including snow boots, gloves or mittens, a fleece pullover or jacket and a good winter coat.

Here are a few quick tips for getting through the North Dakota winter:

  • Choose wool over cotton (much better for warmth)
  • don’t forget sunscreen to protect your skin from the rays reflecting on the snow
  • Lip balm is a must for frosty lips
  • Lotion is a must for dry skin- apply twice daily or as often as you want!
  • A good set of thermal undergarments goes a long way


When Spring rolls in and the snow mantle melts, which usually happens almost overnight in late March or early April, everything comes alive. The foliage begins to turn green and nature starts to buzz with color and energy. It’s gorgeous, although temperatures still have a bit of a bite at an average of 52° Fahrenheit. There is plenty to do in Fargo this time of year, with festivals and events such as the Celtic Festival and the Fargo Marathon. The Fargo Film Festival also takes place during springtime, in late March. It’s a four-day celebration of cinema featuring independent, silent and classic films in the historic Fargo Theatre. Mind you though, spring in Fargo isn’t without hazard. The Red River flooding occurs almost every year when the deep snow melts. Recent floods caused several fatalities and extensive damage to property, so stay safe by following official instructions.


With beautiful sunny days and pleasantly cool nights, North Dakota summer weather is perfect for any activity. Temperatures rise to an average of 82° Fahrenheit and most days the sky is nice and clear. If you’re looking for fun things to do outdoors in Fargo, head to Northern Plains Botanic Gardens, an urban gem featuring a woodland garden, butterfly garden and hummingbird patio; roam the streets of Downtown Fargo to shop, grab a bite to eat and admire the street art; walk down the Fargo Walk of Fame; ride the bike trails along the beautiful Red River or visit Fargo’s Red River Zoo. The Fargo-Moorhead Restaurant Week is a summertime favorite, with local restaurants offering two or three-course meals at special prices for ten straight days. Another unique event is the Fargo-Moorehead Crossroads Powwow. This song and dance contest features artists and performers from Native American tribes from across North America and provides a rare opportunity to enjoy these nations’ beautiful legacy of art, folklore, and ceremony. If you’re moving in summer you will find it much easier to settle in, with lots of opportunities to get out and make some friends before winter comes around again.

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