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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving Back Home After College

Moving Back Home After College

With tough job markets, pricey real estate, and so many career options to choose from, many graduates take a good, hard look at moving back home after college to take a breath and find their ground. There are advantages and disadvantages, of course — so we’ve compiled a list to help you decide.

Reasons to move back home after college

  • This is a big one for many: live rent-free. After spending time scrimping and scrounging to make it through college it is important to get financially stable. Living at home – even for a few months – can give you the opportunity to save some money and prepare for your future. Decide on an amount to put away in savings each month and when you’re ready to fully fledge the nest, you’ll have a nice sum ready for an apartment deposit and rent!
  • Reunite with old friends and community. Many of the best opportunities for work come through the people you know, and your family, friends, and neighbors certainly know you well. Although you have probably spent time with them on vacations and holidays, there’s nothing quite like settling in and catching up for real.
  • You have time to figure out next steps. Your final semester at school is the time to focus on acing your exams and nailing those final projects, not chasing after a summer internship that you’re not sure you really want. For many college graduates moving back home provides the opportunity to examine the employment landscape and make a strategic decision about where the best cities for college grads might be, what companies to pursue there, and how to utilize that shiny new degree best.

Disadvantages to moving home after college

  • Moving back in with your parents will mean a significant shift in your sense of independence and privacy. You’ll be sharing the bathroom, your parents will be privy to your schedule (including those late nights out), and you will need to be courteous with their parental concern. It can be challenging to stay calm when it feels like your parents are encroaching on your adulthood, but keep in mind that you are>under their roof. Let them know where you are headed and when you plan to be home, and be kind when they check in on you. They’re your parents, after all.
  • Your social scene is about to change in a big way. No longer surrounded by people your age who are on the same social schedule, you’ll need to put in more effort to contact and get together with your friends. More effort, that is, than walking down the hall or texting your neighbor when you’re feeling like procrastinating on job applications. Transportation needs may change as well, and you may need to come up with a system for designated drivers and friends’ couches for the nights that going home doesn’t make sense.
  • The question of ‘should I move home after college’ must also weigh the employment opportunities in your area. If you come from a small town, you may be missing out on potential career advancement by isolating yourself far away from the companies you’d like to work with. Examine the options that may be available for online-based work, part-time commuting to a nearby larger town, or make a concrete timeline to relocate to a more opportunity-rich location.

Why do college graduates move back home? The reasons vary widely, as you can see. But when you’re feeling good and ready, let Unpakt help you find affordable moving services to get you started on your new, independent life adventures!


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