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Best Days for Moving Based on the Lunar Calendar

Lunar calendar moving dates

You’ve considered the real estate calendar, the school calendar, you’ve even analyzed the price swings that govern the cost of professional movers. But have you considered moving according to the auspicious days on the lunar calendar? Around the world, different cultures have systems and practices that can suggest the best — and worst — days to move. Have a look, and let your movers know you need to consult the moon.

Determine your Chinese astrological signs and consult the Chinese Almanac

The Chinese astrological system is quite complex, so we won’t even try to explain it here — just know that the highly traditional people of China swear by this calendar. If you want to benefit from this ancient system, determine your family’s Chinese astrology signs, and then prioritize the head of the house when researching and choosing the auspicious days for your move. There are days that are considered good for each sign, and days that “clash”; with a large family it might prove trying to select a day that is good for everyone, so make sure that it is at least aligned with the heads of the household.

Check the Hindu calendar for the proper Griha Pravesh

In the Hindu tradition, the ritual of Griha Pravesh brings blessings to the family moving into a new home. The entire home is prepared, blessed, and cleansed according to a long list of puja practices, or devotional activities, before the family finally settles in. According to Vastu Shastra, an Indian astrological system that determines auspicious times, a home is made of five elements: the sun, earth, water, fire, and wind. The proper alignment of these elements in a house, and performing the Griha Pravesh on an auspicious day bring happiness, good health, and prosperity. You can consult this Vastu calendar to view auspicious days this year.

Move out on Tuesday during the waxing crescent moon

In European folklore, Tuesday and Thursday are agreed-upon lucky days to move out of your old home (avoid Friday!), and even better if you do so during the waxing crescent moon (leading up to the full moon). Since the moon is becoming full, this time is believed to bring prosperity, health, and happiness to your transition into a new home. Then, make every effort to move into your new home while the moon is still waxing to maintain the momentum of growth and fullness.  

Planning your move around auspicious times in the lunar calendar can be an interesting way to bring good luck, prosperity, and a fortuitous new beginning to your move. Check some of the lunar calendar moving dates mentioned above or do your own research into your family’s traditions to see if there is folklore in your ancestry!

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