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How to Cope with Moving Back Home with Your Parents

Moving back home with your parents

As an adult, of course, you’d prefer to stand on your own two feet, but there are times in everyone’s life when they have to accept some help. A study from the Pew Research Center found that 13 percent of all parents with adult children have had a grown son or daughter move back into their home. If you find yourself having to make a move back into your family home, make the best of it and find some ways to help you cope.

Redefine Your Relationship

It’s important to remember that you’re all adults now, so your relationship with your parents and the way you interact with them should be different. While it might be easy to fall back into your teenage lifestyle and stomp around the house yelling “Mom! You got the wrong corn flakes again!” it’s best to avoid that kind of thing. Instead, act like the adult that you are. Offer to cook dinner once in a while and sit down with them for a cup of coffee and a chat. This way, your parents are less likely to treat you like their little kid and more likely to see you as a grown up. Try to be as independent as you can so you feel like a contributing member of the household and not someone sponging off their mom and dad. If you can afford it, pay partial rent or contribute toward household chores. Do your own laundry and tackle that pile of dishes before your parents get around to asking you to help out.


If you’re moving from your own house or apartment back into a single room with your parents, it’s likely you’ll need to downsize in order to fit into your new space. You probably won’t need items such as furniture, kitchen appliances and cookware. While you could get rid of any unnecessary items, there’s also the option of putting non-essentials into self-storage. Use our Box Guide to figure out how many boxes you will need and then pack up the things you won’t need while you’re there.

Making a Move

It’s not just living with your parents that can be a chore, the actual process of moving to your parents’ house can be quite taxing, too. Start packing things you don’t use often a few days in advance of your move, so you’re not rushing around on the day, stressing yourself out. Hiring movers will make your moving day so much easier. Unpakt can help you find moving companies in your area. It’s also a lot easier than having to do the whole move alone.

Just try to enjoy the time you have with your parents. Be tolerant of any quirky habits they have and just go with it. Before you know it, you’ll be looking for local movers and getting back out on your own again. When the time comes, check out Unpakt to make your move as smooth as can be!


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