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Summer Is Coming: Top 7 Tips for Moving During the Summer Months

Summer can be an inspiring time. As the days get longer and the weather warms up, many of us start to feel more alive than in the colder winter months. After spring cleaning season passes, summer feels like a good time to take a step toward refreshing and moving to a new home.

Having more hours (and less rain, snow, or cold temperatures) is definitely a bonus when it comes to moving. Of course, that means many other people will have the same idea, making summer a busy time for moving companies. While the process is relatively the same year-round, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help you with a smooth move during the summer months.

moving truck driving on sunny open road

Plan ahead

As mentioned, summer is a popular time for moving. If you can plan ahead, you’ll do yourself (and your mover) a favor. By getting a head start and booking your move in advance, you’re more likely to have the truck you need and the movers available. If you can help it, try not to book your move on holidays or weekends when demand and prices are higher.

Start your day early

Not a morning person? The thought of hauling boxes in the peak heat of the day should nudge you out of bed. Starting early means you and your movers can get the bulk of the moving done before the temperatures and humidity are at their highest. You’ll also have the chance to avoid traffic jams.

Check with your moving company to see how early they can get started. Get up early, so you can make sure everything is ready for moving when they arrive. If you’re not able to move early in the morning, check with your moving company to see if you can book the late afternoon. There’s one benefit of those long summer days, which is that you’ll have plenty of hours with daylight to get your things moved. Set your Plan B for late in the day, when the sun is past its peak and temperatures are cooling down.

Stay hydrated

With the temperatures high and so much activity going on, you’re sure to get thirsty throughout the day. Make sure you keep water on hand and consider your movers as well. Your local movers may be accustomed to the heat, but remember they’re doing all of the heavy lifting. They’ll need to drink plenty of water to stay safe and healthy, and it’s great to have some to offer. Refrigerate some bottled water ahead of time and your movers will be grateful. Don’t forget to also have some bottles at your new home to help them finish the day refreshed.

woman drinking bottled water

Label your electronics

When you’re packing for your move, make sure you clearly label all of your moving boxes with electronic devices. Pack things such as televisions, appliances, laptops, and tablets in their own separate boxes. It’s easy for these things to become overheated in the summer sun, so use caution.

Labeling and separating your packed electronics means they’ll make it onto the truck last, and off of the truck first. If you’re living in a climate prone to summer showers, make sure you have these boxes protected from water damage.

Dress light

You hired a moving company, so you may think your job will be pretty minimal. While that may be true, it’s still not a day to wear your best or favorite outfit. Dress practically, both for the move and the weather. Wear light and breathable fabrics like cotton, and skip the strappy sandals in favor of socks and closed-toed shoes. It’s best to be prepared for the moments when you’re needed. You don’t want to struggle to keep up with your movers because of inadequate footwear or clothing.

Cool down and take breaks

If your new or old home is equipped with AC, it’s a great idea to turn it on. The doors will open frequently letting cool air will escape, but when moving during the summer months, you’ll need a reprieve from the heat. Arrive at your new place early and cool it down before the movers arrive. This small act will help make things easier and more efficient for them.

Chances are by the time moving day has arrived, you’re looking forward to it all being behind you. Anxiousness to get it finished is completely understandable and justified, but it’s important to pace yourself in the summer season. Make sure you leave some space for breaks so you and your movers don’t burn out.

Make a plan for kids and pets

There are a couple of options for kids while moving. One is to arrange for someone to look after them for the day. The other is to get them involved in the move. Moving houses can be unsettling for kids, so involving them for part of the process on the day can help. They’ll feel more connected to their surroundings and their new space if they have some input.

If you choose to have your kids around during your move, be aware that they’re more sensitive to hot temperatures. Keep them inside and out of the way of the flow of boxes and people in and out of the homes.

husband and wife moving boxes with kid dog

Arranging a friend or family member to spend the day with them can be a huge help. Giving them a fun summer day with someone they love will keep their spirits high and help them burn off some energy so they can get a good rest in their new bedroom.

Pets of all kinds are also sensitive to hot temperatures, and it’s challenging to keep them comfortably inside while there is so much going on. Consider sending them to a friend’s house or a kennel to keep them in a cool climate until the flurry of activity has calmed.

When you’re ready to plan your summer move, start by finding a trusted mover. Hiring a professional moving company will save you a lot of sweat and will ensure your things are kept safe from the heat. Unpakt’s online quoting tool can help you book a mover in minutes, so you can get moved and start enjoying the sunshine in your new neighborhood.

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