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The Right Way to Move in Summer

Summer move preparations

Summer is a great time for going to the beach, eating popsicles, barbeques, and… moving to a new home? Sometimes that’s just how the cards play out, so you might as well make the best of it! Take a look at our comprehensive list of what to consider when moving in summer, and you’ll be glad you made that choice.

The weather is far more pleasant

Let’s be honest: winter makes everything harder. Snowbanks and icy sidewalks make moving hazardous, and who wants to have a garage sale when it’s below freezing? Sure, you’re more likely to break a sweat in the summer, but we think that’s better than frozen fingers and slipping on the ice with boxes of your belongings. Added bonus: you’ll get to enjoy your new yard or deck immediately, and there’s nothing quite like sitting outside with a cold drink after a long day of moving!

Longer days = more light

With the sun coming up earlier and staying light later, you’ll have more well-lit hours for your move. Although this probably doesn’t mean your movers will be willing to work longer, that extra light will give you and your family more motivation to get up early and be prepared to get moving when they arrive. Everything is easier when you can see what you’re doing. Have a look at our tips for moving in the summer to be ready to roll!

Getting to know your new city is more fun in the summer

With local festivals and outdoor events in abundance during the summer months, you and your family will have far more opportunity to get out and explore your new hometown. Investigate the farmers’ markets, check out all of the playgrounds and parks, and explore the area by bicycle to really get to know your way around. Visit your local Chamber of Commerce or neighborhood association to make sure you’re in the know about all the best events in your area!

The kids have time and space to settle in

The kids’ school schedules are one of the biggest reasons many families move during the summer months. That way their school schedules aren’t disrupted mid-year, and there is ample time to get them used to the new house and new neighborhood before school begins again. Consider looking into community programs that might help them make new friends, including those organized through their new school.

Higher home prices offset higher moving costs

Since summer is one of the more popular times to move, moving costs are typically high as a result. It is possible, however, that the higher sale price you’ll get for your home during this prime real estate season could help offset the moving costs if you play your cards right!

Another option to offset costs: turn your moving adventure into a camping road trip instead of staying at hotels. Imagine campfires, marshmallows, and memories that will last a lifetime! State parks are a great option to camp your way across the country.

As you’re making your summer move preparations, don’t forget a few key elements: sunblock, plenty of water, and some summer tunes to keep the vibe right!

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