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Moving Your Electronics Safely

Moving Your Electronics Safely

While some people are stressed about moving china and other valuables, the typical mover is concerned about moving your electronics safely. It’s not only the weight of some of these items that can be a problem either. Mechanical failure is always a possibility due to normal physical shock. You may think that an electronic device needs to be dropped to be damaged, but this is not entirely true. A lot of shaking can cause just as many problems. Then, you have to factor in environmental elements, such as rain, snow, ice, humidity and freezing temperatures as well.


Tips to Get You Started

  • Any equipment that has an ink or toner cartridge should have these pieces removed. They can be stored in a plastic sealable bag, and they should be packed in the same box as the electronic it goes to. No, you won’t remember where you stashed it for “safe keeping” if you pack it elsewhere.
  • Remove all CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs and video games from electronics prior to packing. Ideally, these will actually be put in the case where they belong.
  • Find the owner’s manual for all of your electronics and pack them in their appropriate boxes. If you don’t have them or can’t find them, use a piece of paper and pen to draw a diagram of connections before you unhook any cords. You may want to also use colored stickers to place on corresponding connection ports so these items are easy to hook back up again. A lot of time is often wasted trying to get the television to work in the new place when a simple diagram would have eliminated this problem.
  • Pack remote controls with the electronic that they go to. If you want to be really organized, just stuff it right in the envelope of the owner’s manual.
  • When you start packing, make sure that you use popcorn or antistatic packing bubble. Any materials that conduct electricity could damage your electronics. If you have linens, towels, sweaters and other similar items to pack anyway, you can always use these for your electronics. It is a good idea to pack a thick layer of padding in the bottom of the box for extra protection, just in case it gets set down a little too hard.
  • Keep in mind that sensitive media such as software and CDs cannot handle hot temperatures. So, if you are moving in the summer heat, these are items you might want to transport in your car.


Packing the Boxes

If you happen to have the original package for your electronics, it is recommended to use it. Otherwise, choose boxes that are just a little larger than the item you are packing. Make sure the bottom is taped very secure and then stuff the box with filling to ensure nothing rattles. Moving trucks don’t feature the four-wheel independent suspension of your luxury sedan, so while you are not feeling the potholes and bumps, your electronics are. Mark the boxes as fragile, so the movers know to be careful.

Speaking of movers, it is always recommended to let professionals handle moving your electronics. This is especially true for heavy and bulky items. Plus, if it is raining out, they will wrap big screen televisions for you to protection them from the elements. Obviously, this is a huge bonus since it is highly unlikely that you found a box large enough to accommodate it.

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