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Relocating? These Are The Things to Consider

Relocating? These Are The Things to Consider

Once upon a time, our jobs and families dictated where we lived. But as more and more careers offer remote opportunities, the living possibilities become almost endless. As long as there’s a strong enough Wifi signal and a coffee pot, why not consider living somewhere else? But before you start real estate shopping and calling moving companies, take pause. Before relocating, these are the things to consider!

Relocating? These Are The Things to Consider

What excites you about relocating to a new place?

Sometimes we get swept up in the idea that something new will automatically be better than where we are now. While a fresh slate can be a pretty fantastic reset in many ways, it’s not always the answer we want it to be. So make sure you do an honest check with yourself (and your family as applicable) about your plans. 

What are you hoping to improve in your living situation? Sometimes, it is easier to think about what you dislike in your current situation to determine what you’d like. Do you want a bigger home, a yard, or maybe to live in a neighborhood with other kids around? If it’s a new climate you’re seeking, have you looked at the year-round temperatures? Relocating to a new place is no small endeavor, so make sure you choose the place that will really meet your needs.

What type of city or town best fits your needs?

Once you have determined what excites you, establish some criteria for your new home. If it is city life that you seek, what amenities or opportunities are important to you? Do you want to have access to nature, or do you thrive on the buzz of the inner city? Consider what type of cultural events you crave, if you’re a sports fan, and what type of living situation you desire. Apartments in NYC are typically smaller than those in other cities, for example. Some cities have easily accessed suburbs, while others require that you have a car. What type of city life do you want?

If city living isn’t your thing, the questions get even broader. Just how rural do you want to go? Is it woods living you want, splitting your wood and being miles from the nearest neighbor? Or maybe you want the coziness of a small town where you can get to know your neighbors every time you visit the post office. Spend some time visioning what your ideal town looks like. Identify the things that feel like important elements, and find something that matches!

Relocating? These Are The Things to Consider

What is financially sustainable?

Once you dream big about relocating to your ideal place, it’s time to check the numbers. Get a good sense of your budget and determine what type of living expenses seem realistic given your income. Set a budget range for your new home, including utilities, to create some guidelines for real estate or rental shopping. What’s your upper limit monthly expense? 

Do a bit of research about general cost of living in each location you’re considering. Things like taxes, vehicle registration prices, average utility costs, even average gasoline prices can make a significant difference in your annual expenses. Keep yourself out of a sticky financial situation by knowing the facts!

What amenities or opportunities feel important?

Here’s a big one: if you have children, how are the schools? What types of educational opportunities are available? And back to the previous question, how affordable is childcare? Find out what types of parks and playgrounds are around, and what else is on offer for the kiddos. Bonus points for children’s museums and the like!

For the adults, take a moment to consider your hobbies and passions. If you’re a CrossFit junkie, is there a place to get your lift on? For foodies, check out the local restaurants and grocery stores to ensure you can get your fix. And so on. 

Then there’s transportation. Are you happiest relying on public transit, or do you prefer to have your own vehicle? In a city like NYC, owning a car can be a huge expense and hassle. In Los Angeles, it’s just about mandatory. Decide which option you like best.

How will you go about relocating to your new home?

Once you have selected your new home, it’s time to plan your relocation! How will you get your belongings (and yourself!) from A to B? Whether you decide to rent a moving truck or hire a team of full service movers, let Unpakt help. Enter some information about your move, and we’ll give you quotes from available movers. Compare your options and choose the one that’s best for you!

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