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Best Moving Companies Share Tips to Clean an Old Refrigerator

Tips to Clean an Old Refrigerator

Newer refrigerators are fairly easy to clean. There is no defrosting involved, and it is pretty simple to just remove shelves and wipe everything down. However, an older fridge is a different story. Even a newer model that is several years old can be a challenge to clean, if there is caked “stuff” inside it, and if you happen to be moving into a home where one of these appliances are present, you know you are going to have to make sure it is completely spotless before putting your own food inside! Now, if you happen to be moving out or selling your old refrigerator so you don’t have to pay the professionals from one of the best moving companies to haul it, you will need to put that same amount of cleaning into it.

Keep in mind that just because you don’t see bacteria, does not mean it isn’t there. So, even if the fridge in your new place looks clean, it is important to give it a little attention. Both mold and bacteria are capable of living and growing in cold temperatures. Contamination can spread throughout the appliance and into food that can make you sick. Crevices, where drips tend to run to are always concerns and other trouble spots, include under the drawer, the gasket that runs around the perimeter of the door and even hardware that holds racks in place.


Remove Everything

If you are cleaning your own fridge, which the best moving companies advise, don’t even think about wiping around everything! If you dust around everything on your shelves rather than move them, then the thought may have crossed your mind.

All the drawers and shelves need to be removed. You can set them in your bathtub. Go ahead and spray them down with a household cleaner, and just let them sit while you deal with the fridge.



If you are one of those lucky folks who gets to defrost your refrigerator, you are going to need some towels. Unplug the appliance from the electrical outlet first. Pull it away from the wall so the back is exposed, and if there is a cover on the coils, it will need to be removed.  The best moving companies can assist you when it comes to relocating a fridge.

Next, wedge the towels between the floor and the fridge to catch the ice particles and drips. You might need to use a screwdriver or something similar to carefully chip away at any stubborn ice accumulations on the coils. Once the coils are thawed, clean and dry, replace the faceplate.


Cleaning the Inside

The best thing you can use to clean the inside of your refrigerator is a mixture of one part baking soda and four parts warm water. The great thing about baking soda is not only is it a brightener, sanitizer and odor remover, you don’t have to rinse it away unless you feel a heavy residue. Note that you must never use hot water to clean a cold glass shelf because it could shatter.

For the most part, a wet cloth will be all you need. However, an old toothbrush will definitely come in handy for any build up, and to scrub hardware and crevices. Once completely clean, you can sanitize with a solution of water and vinegar or simply dry it out.  The best moving companies will move nay type of fridge and recommend a cleaning both before and after the move.

Now you can go clean the shelves in the bathtub. The baking soda and water solution will work great on them as well.
Even if you hire one of the best moving companies to relocate appliances, you will need to clean your refrigerator twice. Clean it once really good before the move, and then make sure you give it a good scrub down at the new place, just to make sure it is sanitary before you add your food.



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