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Cheap Moving Companies on How to Declutter

How to Declutter

Even if you are getting a fantastic deal from one of the few cheap moving companies that actually have fantastic reviews, there is no reason to move anything you don’t need. You might be thinking that since you have already been quoted a specific price, so you will just move everything and deal with what you don’t need at your new place, but why would you want to? Chances are good that most of these unnecessary items will just end up being permanent fixtures at your new place. On the other hand, if you are paying by weight or by the hour, then obviously the less you have to move, the less you will have to pay. Either way, it just makes sense to declutter first.


Plan for Focus

If you have kids, it is not a bad idea to send them to a relative’s house for the day or something. You might think you will be able to focus and get through everything, but you should already know that there is no way you will be all that productive with children in the house. Plus, cheap moving companies know that every dollar counts when you have children so they will want to help your move be as efficient as possible.

You will also want to make a pot of coffee or make sure you have plenty of tea on hand, as well as healthy snacks. Avoid foods that will spike your sugar levels or you will deal with highs and lows all day, and then probably get tired and crabby half way through. Homemade granola, nuts, and veggies with dip or hummus are great snacks that will help you keep your energy levels high. If you have time the night before, you could always create a new playlist too.


Grab Boxes

If you have time to have a garage sale before you move, a lot of stuff you don’t need can be sold. If you have items like electronics, video games, and sporting equipment, you can sell the on Craigslist or other similar sites.

Ideally, you will have these boxes handy at all times. They will be labeled as sell, donate and trash. As you go through each room, the things you don’t need are going to go in one of these three boxes.  Cheap moving companies also might have other ideas of how you can move and store these boxes.


One Room at a Time

Make sure you are completely finished with one room before moving to another. It can be tempting to just tackle the whole house, but you will end up overlooking a lot of things. Start in one point of a room and work your way around. Go through cupboards and drawers one at a time. The more thorough you are, the happier you will be when you unpack at your new place.


Don’t Get Personal

Letting go of some things can be hard; try not to get wrapped up in the emotional attachment you have when you find things you didn’t even know you had or items you thought were “lost” forever. You might be tempted to hold onto them now; just don’t do it! You have lived without them, so clearly you don’t need them.

Keep in mind that if you are donating items, they should be cleaned and in good condition. Be objective when you go through everything. Just because you use something does not mean you actually need it. Will you even use all that Tupperware or the shelf of coffee mugs taking up space? This applies to your clothes and shoes as well. There is a good chance that you can live without half your closet and not even miss it.
Just because you hired one of the cheap moving companies available and are getting a great price, is no excuse to take unnecessary items to our new home. Also, just because your new home may be larger does not mean you should just hold onto stuff because you’ll have plenty of room for it.



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