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Roommate Moving Out? Top 8 Ideas for Your New Free Space

Unpakt roommate moving out

We’re based in New York City, the land of roommates, apartment shares, 1-flex-3’s (if you don’t know what that is, you’re lucky!), and dreams of just a few more cubic feet. We share our living space with 2, 3, or more additional people and think nothing of it. We spent the last week fantasizing about what we’d do with the extra bedroom should we hear about a roommate moving out and here are our team’s top 8 picks in an infographic for your enjoyment:



  1. Mirrored room for practicing your Miley Cyrus lip syncing

  2. The Man Cave you’ve always dreamed of but never had room for

  3. Display room for your collection of toasters and bowling trophies

  4. Shoe closet with enough room to make Carrie Bradshaw woozy

  5. Dark room to develop your own photos, Ansel Adams style

  6. Escape room with a passageway to outside… in case of emergency

  7. Arena for your Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots matches – bets anyone?

  8. Private viewing room for your Pauly Shore collection – Hey, BU-DDY!

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