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What to Do One Month Before You Move

One Month Before You Move

The big day is quickly approaching, and you only have one month until the moving service show up in their moving truck. While, yes, there is a lot to do, there is no reason to panic! Just follow our handy list, and you will be ready to go when they arrive. So get out a piece of paper or take out your tablet and start building a list that will make your moving experience as seamless as possible. Here’s What to Do One Month Before You Move:

Sort and Purge

Go through everything you own and decide what to keep, what to toss and what to sell or give away. Get rid of things you have not used in over a year; you will never miss them. Have a yard sale, post things on Craigslist, gift items to friends or donate to charity organizations; the main thing is to get rid of what you don’t need.

Inventory Your Belongings

Make a list of what you do have and are planning to move. You’ll need this to figure out how many moving supplies and what packing materials you’ll need; check out the Unpakt Box Guide to find out what fits in a box

Organize Documents

Get all your important documents organized; school records for your children and everyone’s medical history records are vital.

Compare Movers

Visit Unpakt to compare movers and make the best possible decision for your move based on prices and reviews. With Unpakt you get a guaranteed price and no move day surprises.


This is a big one! Purchase your packing supplies and get busy wrapping up what you don’t need on a daily basis. Out of season clothing, sports equipment, knick-knacks, and books can usually be packed right away. Label your boxes with what is inside and where it will go in your new home. Decide on an area in your home that is not in the way to store your packed boxes and fill it up!

Give Notices

Tell your landlord you’re moving, as most require 30 day’s notice. Read over your lease to make sure what your rights and responsibilities are in this situation, and to save yourself the most money. Of course, if you are moving long distance you will also want to give your employer ample notice so that they can find a suitable replacement for your job as well.

Change Your Address

Changing your address with all the important places including the United States Postal Service, your car insurance company, lenders and banks, and any companies where you might have monthly subscriptions.

Notify Service Providers

Be sure to have your new utility connections done before the move; nothing is worse than spending your first night in darkness. Also, time the disconnections or reassignments at your current home so that you have lights and heat while moving out.

Plan your travel

One area often overlooked in a move is your personal travel. If you are moving a long distance, arranging to move yourself and your pets are just as important as your furniture! Flying with pets requires extra documents and a suitable carrier. If you’ll be driving to your new home, plan what you will take with you. You may find that you need a trailer or overhead carrier to contain everything you want to take along. Also, plan your travel route and any stops you will want to make.


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